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Nothing much to report. Anybody wanna beta Morgana fic for me?

Leverage was AWESOME! Parker is brilliantly quirky as always. Sniffing Maggie. Then petting her and calling her adorable. LOL, WIN! Parker, you steal my heart every week.

Aw, ship! Didja see it? Of course you saw eeeet.

Hardison: "Where you going?"
Parker: "Let's see how hard you look."

Daaawwwwww! Totally cute. She wants him to come find her!!! Awwwww... *swoon*

Also, more Eliot/Sophie interaction would be nice. I love that CK plays him always mad and cranky. Love.

And dudes, can we have Maggie come back every once in a while? Cos, yeah, she rocked it hard core, yo!

I almost cried when Nate said he'd prolly blow his brains out. Sad. And then he goes and makes the 'we made a difference' speech! NATE! He needs huggles. Team!Awesome is AWESOME. Is it June yet?

L&O: UK. BWAHAHAHAHA! APOLLO!!! Good beans. JAMIE! And FREEMA! I'm totally shipping Matt/Alesha... yeah, I'm a sucker, whatcha gonna do 'bout it?

And how cool of a name is James Steel? Damn. That's good beans right there. Ben Daniels, how do you make a silly little wig look so sexy?

Harriet Walter. She's brilliant.

Bradley Walsh! YAY! I love it when comedians go drama. They have the best timing. Ian McShane? Funny. In Deadwood? Funny/Serious. Another one: Sarah Paulson. Funny. In Serenity? How can you not go: OMG! *cry* when her hologram-self pleads and begs and goes down fighting the Reavers? How can you NOT? Robin Williams in World According To Garp, or Good Will Hunting? Jim Carey in The Majestic, The Truman Show or Man on the Moon? Whoopi Goldberg in The Colour Purple? Freaking. Genius. The Comedian is born from that which is the darkest pain. It's a coping mechanism and therefore The Comedian knows intimately the pain and suffering.

...and on that note, READ The Watchmen before it comes out people. It's dark and painful and philosophical even more so than The Dark Knight could ever be. My re-reading of it is prolly the reason for the morose doom!mood I've been in (and if you caught that palindrome you get an icon) hence the moody music and the omg!angsty ship!
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