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Do you watch Battlestar Galactica?

QUICKIE RECAP! Jeez... that was like a 30 second commercial...

Oh Six, how are you so awesome? That looks like Trish and I wouldn’t put it pass her to NOT know what the frak she’s doing cos A) she’s a farm girl and B) she’s also building her own house.

CHIEF!!! Chief is Chief again. How happy does that make me?


Papadama is mostly worried... please to not be taking pills and drinking your ass off this ep, ‘kay?

SIX! Fight fight fight fight!!! ...and she cleans the floor with your asses... This is Caprica, yes? Dressed like Caprica...

CYLON!BABY! ...aww... Doc! TIGH! Hating machines... Liam? Aw, yeah. Liam. I love that name. Oh Danny BOOOOOYYYYYYYYY. ...and honestly, she’s getting a little mushy with Tigh and uhm, it’s uncomfortable... Yuck. Emotions and Trust. *shudders* Gimme some frakked up Leoben and then we’ll talk comfortable.


Welcome back Missus Tigh. Are they going for the Triangle of DOOM? Cos we didn’t suffer the Quadrangle of Doom very well in season 3. You’d HOPE that RDM learned that by now...

MAMADAMA!!! Ohkay, when you have Starbuck, Six, Papa, Mama, Chief AND Tigh all in the first five minutes, it’s usually a good ep. Hee.

...and call back to Tigh Me Up Tigh Me Down.... what’s with the legs on these women? Damn. That’s too much leg collected in ONE show. Seriously.

"How many dead chicks are out there?" LOL! Oh, Hotdog. *pets him*

I love that Cylons can recognise each other. Super cool. I wonder if there's something hardwired into their brains that make them connect to a network like real computers do and can identify thru IP addresses and such... *wonders*

CHIEF AND BOOMER! OMG! CYLON OTP RETURNS!!! *sigh* ...and yet still no love from Papa, for frak sake, cos um, you dun tried TO KILL HIM. Bad Boomer, bad.

Now I wanna play Cylons in love. That’s an excellent song by Air... or is it Bent?

It's Bent:

Also You, Appearing by M83 is an excellent Cylon song:

Prettyful credits... *sigh* At this time I am reminded that there are only four left... The end of an era... *sniff* Why must all good things?

This is a weird conference... all uncomfortable and AWKWARD. Damn, Papa turning into Saul Tigh BC (that’s Before Cylon... I’m sure you got that.) Aaaand, YES of COURSE you CAN’T SEE THEM. WHAT ARE YOU FRAKKING CRAZY?!?!? ...well, no don’t answer that cos YES YOU ARE! Psycho Ellen... You see that attempt at a power play with the manipulation of emotions? Did you see? OF COURSE YOU CAN’T SEE THEM YET! We must suss out your intentions psycho bitch. I love Ellen. She’s the crazy drunk aunt at family parties that hit on your boyfriend... kinda like the female version of Baltar.

And cue Beyonce’s Crazy In Love. Shake your booty. *shake shake* Oh, hey, THAT’S why the set up of the Pretty!Hair!Six in the basestar that frakked Baltar. Huh.

Wait, when Tigh started sleeping with Six didn’t he see Ellen? Dude... RON! CURSE YOUR ANGLES OF DOOOM. Hrmph.

Baby, in peril!

Oh man, more of the nymph squad? They bore me... and now they have guns. Meh. LOL. They even bore Baltar.

JANE ESPENSON! That’s why there’s all the call backs. She loves to do that. Told me so herself at the Firefly con. She’s super cool. Ou, AND she’s writing for Dollhouse too. Cool beans!

"JEAN! Oh, Jean." LOL. Gaius, you are priceless... ou, one of discontent. Methinks not all is well in the nymph squad. LOL. "What happened when I was gone?" Dude. Priceless.

HEAD!SIX! Damn, where the hell have you been?

LOL. Oh, the disgust on Ellen’s face... BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Cos like frakking CAVIL who LOOKS LIKE YOUR FATHER WHOM YOU CREATED is not frakking frakked. Right. Point that finger, sister. [/sarcasm] LOL. Mental porn. LOL

It’s a big CYLON meetin’ at the foot of Anders bed. Yay. "Just don’t anybody unplug anything." LOL OH DOC COTTLE! You are by far the best Space!Doctor EVAR.

What’s with the WOWing from Six. It should be more like YAY!MOMMY! This way it’s more like OMG!ROCK!STAR! That’s Anders Caprica, ANDERS.

Cylon conference!

LOL. Why am I lol’ing at all the CYLON DRAMA! It’s like Bold & The Beautiful Do Space. As The Galactica Sails. Oh, gods... LOL. LMAO. Ow, my sides....

CHIEF! Oh, Chief, I love you. HEE.

Sharon doesn’t like it when Mommy and Daddy fight.

I have a problem with Tory. Now that she’s a Cylon she’s a little more tolerable cos OMG!BIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! But now that she IS a Cylon, what the frak is she good for? Like besides being a groupie and always sucking up to the leaders to try and appease them? Seriously. What’s her purpose? Psuedo power!trips? The only thing I saw was Cavil putting the final five in strategic places next to The Prez, The Admiral, The Galactica and The Resistance. Lately, other than that Tory’s been all whiny and manipulative. I dunno, she’s just blech, lately.

LOL. Little Gaius... OH, Baltar. LOL You are for laughs.

Oh, Mamadama. LOL. CAPRICA! Oh, Mama is kind of uncomfortable...

HAHA! Juke joint. If Anders gets better Ellen can pull a Bergman. "Play it once Sam. For old times sake." "Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine."

"Like watching my parents make out." LOL. Wait, so are they nodding to the folk that theorise that Kara is actually baby!Tigh and given to Socrata and Missing Father *cough*Daniel*cough* with that line? Cos I think they are.

HEY! THAT’S BEAR! LOOKIT! He’s behind Kara sittin’ on the table... of COURSE they would put him in a scene with a piano. YAY!

...are, we about to get a chick fight? A Cylon chick fight? Cos that Cylon chick fight between Caprica, Boomer and Three was awesome. Second only to the Starbuck/Six fight.

Holy crap, Ellen is a UBER Bitch. Dude. For reals.

"I try to be good." YOU CAN NEVER BE JELLO!

Six has always been my fave Cylon and she just proved it even more. "It must take more than love because he loved you." And hell if any frakking Cylon knew about love it’s Six. Damn. Good. Beans.

Ellen better not renege on that not making him choose, cos that would just be too As The Galactica Sails.

Uhm, that show down with the Sons of Ares was a little Deadwood like.


HEAD!SIX! ...uh, don’t like the dress tho... o_0

LOL! AND GUNS! BIGGER GUNS! MOAR GUNS! LOL. Oh, massacre anyone? Lemme just sing it now *sings* SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY!!! SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY...

Uh, Athena, I don’t think Helo will be fine on a baseship. That, would freak him the HELL OUT. OMG! He could hardly cope with the Sharon that helped with the destruction of The Hub. Seriously? Have you REALLY thought this thru?

Yep, Ellen’s still a bitch! Not that I’m surprised cos hell, let’s face it she’s still ELLEN. Tyrol’s face is like OMG!DRAMA! Can we NOT have that please?

I’m gonna say it again, cos it ALWAYS bears repeating, Saul Tigh is a Big Damn Hero. "Pure Human doesn’t work. Pure Cylon doesn’t work." WIN! OMG! TOTAL WIN! Total. Win. This has Third Reich vibes and the fact that Saul MUTHAFRAKIN TIGH is calling them on their bullshit is superb. Superb.

Dude, the Eights have inherited Ellen’s indecisiveness.

"I shouldn't need to spout the words, I feel it less with words. Just let me godsdamn feel it and I’ll feel love frakking roam." SO SAY WE ALL!

What? Wait? Was all that 'yay!love Ellen promises' projection?!?! WHAT?!?!? The baby DIED?!?! WHAT?!?!?! *iz confoozed* Ellen was projecting everything was okay? Yes? No? What?

M’kay, arming civilians is NEVAR a good idea... what are they now, Republicans?

Godsdammit someone give Michael Hogan a frakking AWARD. He made me cry. No joke. Liam was ALWAYS one of my fave names too. Short for William. AWWWW! MAN! Bromance. Serious. Tears. My friends. Serious tears.

Lookit, Mama & Papa strollin’ the halls... aw.

See, the Cylons just want some love.



*dance dance*

SCC: That was a different kind of storytelling. The thing I like about this show is that you HAVE to pay attention to the detail to what they're saying and where they're coming from in saying what they say and why. Dude. That HK coming out of the pond? FRAK-TASTIC. Serious. I HOLY CRAP'd.

Dollhouse: Damn, that was FRAKKING PSYCHO! And I like the handler dude. He's almost like Papa. Almost. The Green Arrow guy was hired by Alpha? Cos if he was, dude, that's sick. WTF is Alpha trying to do? Why'd he leave Fred alive and didn't even touch Caroline? I wonder... *wants more*
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