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Sci-Fi Fridays

Okay. Friday's are like Joss night.

"I stapled my face." LOL. Cute.


Uh, I don't like Jonathan Jackson as Kyle. The 11 year difference b/w him and Lena is uh, kinda obvious. Plus, he seems kinda wimpy compared to Movie!Kyle who was gruff and worn yet hopeful and innocent in some ways. Weary of the war and to whom CKR bears a resemblance to... explains a lil bit why I love Leoben.

This ep had a lot of OMG!CONNOR!TRINNEER! He would've been a better Kyle... 'cept he was a scuz bucket in this show. Alvin and the Chipmunks YAY! He got killed... uhm, I mean Terminated. And lab!rat Chad who I always thought was the not so pretty boy version of Jonathan Jackson that they could've played brothers. And also, are they trying to set up a Derek/Sarah ship? Cos, um NO. Do. Not. Want. 0_o Random: I miss Morris. They need to show John's charisma as Future!Leader!of!Mankind! John Henry? Freaky weird yet also cute. YAY Dillahunt! :D Shirley Manson. I heart you and your acting is passable cos A) it's your first big job and B) you ARE playing a robot. So all the haters can back the hell off m'kay.

I'm thinking that everyone that helps The Connors and doesn't rat them out somehow plays a role in Future!John's army of survivors. Felicia. Like Felicia Day in THIS commercial. LOL.

Dear Writers,

Can you please bring back the Sarah Connor of that one episode where she wailed on that Japanese dude that lied to her about the chip. Her beating the shit out of him was a highlight. Please? And also, get rid of Biley, please? She's still not doin' it for me.


Dollhouse: Oh, Joss. I luff you. It's THE FAITH SHOW Echo show. I wasn't really paying attention but Tahmoh. Half nekkid. Sweaty. Oh, yeah. You know how to deliver Joss. You know how to deliver. Kinda takes you back to BSGs Unfinished Business, eh? I'm gonna have to watch this again tho, cos I was chatting with Ren & Sammi so I wasn't really paying attention to the details.


Wow. Uhm. I'm gonna have to watch this about three more times to get what the frak that was about. Sammi explained a lot so I'm not that lost but still... Repeated viewings couldn't hurt. Also, I still think Kara's a Being of Light! Poor Kara. Still doesn't know what the frak is going on. Neither do I Kara. Neither do I.

Lee & Laura. Awwwww... Mummy & Sun. Mama & Son. *snuggles them*

Galactica is the dying leader. Galactica = Laura. Cylon Tech = Hera blood. Dying leader = Dying leader.

Tigh/Six & baby. Awww. Cute. That's Daniel!

Ellen & Cavil. Ew. Oedipus complex much? Plus, she made him in her fathers image so WTF with that too? *shudder* Gods, all he does is WHINE like a little bitch. STFU, JOHN!

Where's D'anna? Did she really stay on Earf or what?

...that's all I can remember now.

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