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Convince Me

Lost. Here's how this breaks down. I'm not really interested in this show for several reasons. 1. It's JJ Abrams and if you've seen Felicity and Alias and Cloverfield I came to find that he's really predictable after a certain point and therefore put him in the same category as M. Night, of whom I am not that big a fan. I called the Sixth Sense after like 45 minutes and I appreciated Signs if only because Joaquin was superb and the kids were cute. BTW, LOL Joaquin. He has to be joking with this hip-hop artist thing, right? Did you see him on Letterman? Way to stay in character mister Pheonix.

Anyway, Lost. Reason I don't watch number 2. They film here. I can't watch more than one frame and not go: "Aw, that's Koko Marina where I caught my very first fish!" OR "Oh, that's Church of So-and-So. My grandpa helped build that." Or, "That's the second floor of my brother's work place. Jeannie sits at that desk." Then there's: "Wow, Ehukai was really flat that day." "Aw, I caught my first wave on that break." "Uncle Stevie got married at that beach. That was a fun day. Oh, yesteryear..." "Hey, there's Aunty Malia and Uncle Joey in the background. I wonder if they got paid OT cos they held them for a really long time when they were filming this a month ago." Even better yet: "Hey, we closed the store that day. Oh look, it's the behind the reg!scene. I heart you Jelly's. In fact, we still have the mark behind the counter AND the puka board they used to put up those headphones as 'set dressing'." So there's no mystery or transportation into LOOK THIS IS A FAKE-BELIEVE, LIVE IN THIS WORLD FOR AN HOUR A WEEK. It's kind of like the new Hawaii Five-O where they say: "We gotta go to town real quick." And then they show them like ALL OVER the creation nowhere near town to end up back in the same place a block away. Yeah.

That being said, watching Elizabeth Mitchell in clips on YouTube is really OMG!ELIZABETH MITCHELL WAS THERE?!?!? You know that scene when she kisses Jack, uhm, I think it's the second time and she has that cut on her head, the last shot of that looking at them thru the hallway with the blinky lights was in Diamond Head. See, once again, untransported from the FAKE-BELIEVE world cos these are real places to me. Places I've been. Places I've grown up in. Places my history is written on, cos they used that bunker on Diamond Head as lookouts for WWII after the bombing of Pearl Harbour and my Grand Uncle manned one of the guns there.

So, dear flist, I come to you in hopes that you can convince me to watch Lost cos OMG!ELIZABETH!MITCHELL!IS!IN!IT! ...and I need to know what the frak happened to Juliet cos I don't SEE her on the covers of the DVDs OR in the Entertainment Weekly magazine. WTF?!?! Seriously, is Evangeline Lily really that great? Cos honestly, she's not. Why do people like her? I don't get it. Maybe cos I've seen her around town and she's not really that friendly. The guy that plays Sawyer on the other hand, is. So is Jorge. He's super funny and cool and totally a geek.

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