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Yays! I have them.

The Old Man just pulled a Marianne Dashwood. :-\

Had this weird dream about Life. Something about trust issues and what Charlie and Dani weren't saying to each other but Ted knew... it was almost like therapy, but not. And Reese & Crews were sleeping together. But they weren't mushy, which is good. That's all I remember cos WTF?!?! I DO NOT SHIP THEM LIKE THAT OMG! Maybe my brain does. Anyway, Life comes back tonight people. YAY. Watch it. Eeets gooooood.

The Finding Neverland soundtrack is sad... and happy... and sad. And now I wanna watch it but first! Season 2 of Deadwood, Me And You An Everyone We Know, I'm Not There and Appleseed. YAY!

Do think the following would be a weird letter?

Mary McDonnell,

Does it hurt to be made of so much Awesome?

With fangirl love,

Leverage last night was so good. Aw, Parker learns about humans. Yay. And um, I'm totally shipping her with Hardison and Sophie/Eliot cos seriously? HAWT. Honestly Sophie/Eliot is like omg! can to please be having that nao? so hot!

I KNEW I should've started watching Lost when Elizabeth Mitchell joined the cast. Frak. This is almost enough to lure me into the fray.

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