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Plethora of Random

My cereal kinda crunches like dog food. Kinda looks like it too.


Even tho tomorrow is supposed to be Mary McAwesome Day in this Journal I couldn't help it. The McAwesome is just overwhelming. Plus, the EJO just makes it unbearable to NOT share. Hence, I share. Cos sharing is caring, dammit and if everyone just shared a little more the world would not be a crazy whacked out place.

TVGuide Mary & Eddie Part 1
TVGuide Mary & Eddie Part 2
TVGuide Mary & Eddie Part 3
TVGuide Mary & Eddie Part 4

Moonstruck was made for family viewing last night. The Bro had never seen it and kept asking us all about it so we made it a thing last night. It was fun.

The funniest thing I've seen on SNL in a long time. Kristen Wiig is utter genius. She can do anything. Seriously.

Ugly Betty. Dude, what's with Mark & Mandy making out in front of Betty? *iz confoozed*

Grey's Anatomy shout out to Ugly Betty. The magazine the couple find the positions from is MODE!!! LOL. Funny.

Wings! Anybody remember this show? It's love. It's on DVD. It's sexy Tim Daly showing his straight man comedic chops. Shonda, lookit what you have to work with!!! USE HIM.

I really have to watch these DW eps I have on my HD. They're taking up space.

Space that I could have more of if I had an external HD. I'd keep all the music and pretties there. Must save money.

HOLY CRAP! I have to cut back on my comic love. It's not a need and I need money more than I need all the What-Ifs and Marvel Knights stories... I'm keeping Buffy & Angel on my subscription tho. *nod* Every thing else must wait for the trade. *sads*

Dear Skiffy,

WTH? No podcast for Blood on the Scales? Seriously? You better have a really good frakking excuse for that one.

No love,

Is it Friday yet? Cos I need some Starbuck love. More Starbuck.

Little Things I Enjoyed Immensely From Blood on the Scales:

Romo and his sunglasses. Don't EFF with the Shades of Justice Winkin'. You get pen!stabbed. Dude. LOL. Pen pal. LOL.

Anders eyes rolling into the back of his head. Nice.

The Leoben that helped Mamadama get her message out to the fleet. Oh, Leoben. *pets* I like how you can read into the way he feels about Roslin and their shaky alliance. I mean the woman airlocked his ass and now he's frakking helping her. Dude. Is there gonna be more of him? Wants. More. Leoben. Ya know how in Maelstrom when Leoben is not Leoben and Leoben IS Leoben? I want more of that. There was dream!Leoben that frakked Kara against the wall. Yes, you may drool. Then there was head!Leoben which was all ghost of Kara Past. I want a Leoben that is the middle ground of all that. So crazy.

DIE TORY, DIE!!! They're gonna retcon the Tory/Anders thing in the movie right? They're hinting at it big time with the, "I played this song for the woman I loved." "I remember." thing.

Also, why was Kelly in the brig? Was he with Gage when they attempted to rape Sharon? On this note, The Bro thinks the 8 in the basestar is Boomer. I said Boomer was the 8 that sided with Cavil. Now there's a big debate. Not to mention that he HATES all the 8's and Helo and I'm like, Where's the love? Why you be hatin'? We have to schedule a marathon of marathonian proportions. Cos, holy shit, FOUR YEARS OF AWESOME. Athena with a rifle? Kinda hot.

I loved the yelling and confoozleness of the Cylon!jail!break! Plus Tigh's "Take Hera and go to Baltar's people no one wants to go near those nutjobs. You'll be safe there." And Tigh's: "In your case cut off one of your frakking legs." LOL! Oh, TIGH!!!

Adama's smug ass smile. His scoffing at 'Commander Gaeta'. The "Shove it up your ass" line. The Pimp line, "I love it when you call me big Poppa!".

"Not funny." Cos it totally is funny.

Alright. I'm done.

*waits for Friday*
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