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The McAwesome

Last night, The Bro and I are surfin' the channels of mind numbing late night infomercials and mediocre talk show hosts as we stumble across the 20th Century Fox logo splashed across the big screen. The three year old in me automatically stops clickin' the remote out of habit in hopes that the next piece of opening credits will be this:

It's not. It is however the opening to ID4, which, I do not have on DVD. Yet. The Bro has also pointed out this folly of which I am embarrassed. That shall be rectified soon because after the obligatory first ten minutes to set up plot who but who graces the big screen?

That's right none other than the McAwesome herself. Well, you may ask "What does that mean Sunny?" Oh, I'll tell you what it means. It means you sit yer ass down and watch for the next two and a half hours of teevee edited for content, format and time allotted with commercials and suffer through all of that over stimulation on consumer products to watch this great sci-fi/special effects/summer popcorn picture in order to witness the greatness of The McAwesome at work. You will realise that The McAwesome is drawn to projects that ask the questions "What does this really mean?" And, "Is there a truth, not the truth but a truth, in this here fictionalised supposition of modern-day annihilation mirrored in the form of science-fiction?" The answer will always be, yes. And you will come to bathe in the opulence that is The McAwesome.

However, before any of that could occur The Mother wants to watch the rerun of CULT!LEADER! Oprah. I smite thee Oprah for not having The McAwesome exposed to your cult of sheeple in all her grandeur. After many attempts at compromise between the two disparagingly different mediums and levels of awesome the more brainless of the two claimed victory over the defeated. Then, with a loud voice full of indignation and defiance I spoke aloud. The words were as follows:

The McAwesome Appreciator: "I'm going to watch The McAwesome die upstairs."
The Cult Follower: "The who?"
The McAwesome Appreciator: "The McAwesome of Mary. Mary McAwesome The Great pwns The Big O any day of the week, including those not starting with the prefix 'Fri'."
The Cult Follwer's Husband: "The what?"
The McAwesome Appreciator: "Independence Day is on tv. The McAwesome is in it..."
The McAwesome Appreciator's Fellow Appreciator: "...and she dies the most McAwesomestly."
The Cult Follower's Husband: "Oh, Roslin?"
The McAwesome Appreciator: "Yes. The McAwesome McDonnell."
The McAwesome Appreciator's Fellow Appreciator: "Yeah, you cried in the theatre when she died most McAwesomely."
The Cult Follower's Husband: "I did?"
The McAwesome Appreciator: "Oh, you did."
The McAwesome Appreciator's Fellow Appreciator: *nod*
The Cult Follower's Husband: "Huh."
The Cult Follwer: "Can you turn it up just a little please? I can't hear what they're saying."
The McAwesome Appreciator: *hands over the remote*

The McAwesome Appreciator and Fellow Appreciator then migrated to the albeit smaller yet still effective television set aloft in the den. There, they appreciate all that is the McAwesome. Soon enough The Cult Follower's Husband also migrated to the den and therefore ascended to the ranks of A McAwesome Appreciator.

Now that, is a win. *nod*

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