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For Ren

Title: Rugrat In Space
Rating: It's like Sesame Street in space... almost.
Spoilers: None
Summary: FLUFFY!AU!CRAK!FIC for Renny Roo. Absolutely NO CANON to be found here whatsoever.
A/N: This came out more fluffy than I expected and it was also written in two hours with not beta. So all mistakes, unlike basestars, DO belong to me. The plot bunny belongs to odakota_rose and did I mention this was for her. ^__^
Disclaimer: All your basestar is belong to Ron.

Rugrat In Space

There was no such thing as morning light in the never ending darkness of space. So why the frak were shafts of light penetrating her eyelids? If she ignored the light it would eventually go away.

It did.


Ignore it.


Ignore it. It'll go away.


Ignore it. It'll go away. Eventually.

A thud on her chest.

It wasn't going away.

"Are you still sleeping?" a tiny voice asked into her ear.

"Yes," Kara answered annoyingly.

"Then why are you talking?" The inquiry was directed to her mouth this time.

"I talk in my sleep."

Gentle diminutive fingers lifted her eyelids allowing the severe artificial light into her vision.

"But I can see your eyes," Kacey whispered.

Kara groaned and her eyes opened of their own volition. "Are you hungry?"

The child nodded.

"Alright, we'll go get something in the mess."

They went about what had become their mundane morning ritual and went in search of some chow.

~ * ~

Life was busy on a battlestar. It never slept. People rushing around carrying out their duties. If you weren't watching you could get trampled. Toting Kacey down to the mess or anywhere for that matter was an added hazard to that fact. Nothing like a two year old wandering in an environment constructed of harsh angles and durable material made to withstand a nuclear attack. Sooner or later Captain Kara Thrace would end up chewing a junior officer a new one using more than one colourfully placed 'frak' about safety and civilians. And as all children do, Kacey picked up on the less than stellar vocabulary. Kara usually ended up carrying her to their destinations to avoid that and save time. A new found protector.

Starbuck would mock her for it.

"Okay, so what do wanna eat? Grey stuff, pink stuff or eggs?"

"Bubble egg!"

"They don't have that. You want just eggs?"


They ate eggs for breakfast. Well, as much as a two year old could feed herself. Most of it ended up in her hair. It amused Karl and Sharon and it gave Kara some adult interaction.

She felt bad for the Agathons no matter how much the idea of a half Cylon half human baby turned her stomach. Gods, she didn't even know what the hell Kacey was. But something about the kid thawed her insides. None of this frakked up world was any of her fault. What else was there to do? She couldn't imagine snuffing out Kacey's life regardless of the abhorrent lineage flowing through the kids veins. And that wasn't counting Leoben's contribution. Kara guessed that Karl had come to that decision a long time ago about his daughter too. None of that mattered. So hanging out with the Agathons was as good for her as much as it was for them. She didn't think anyone else would begin to understand the way their lives had shifted.

~ * ~

Battlestars were not built for amusement or recreation. The most recreation the crew had beside beating the shit out of one another was frakking the next breathing soul. Whether it was for some kind of release or assertion of life, Kara wasn't sure which. She'd just done it to make sure everyone else was just as miserable as she was. Finding things to amuse a two year old was even worse.

It proved challenging at first. No green pastures to run their energy down and no oceans or swimming pools to let them soak up the sun. Until Kara remembered the observation deck. It was big and sufficient enough to let a kid run around with out getting mortally wounded by it's walls. The chairs provided adequate cover to play hide and seek in. Add a couple of toys and you could entertain them for hours.

After a mini-picnic of finger foods and what passed as fruit in space it was time for a nap. Laying down on the blanket she had spread on the deck they watched the stars and ships pass over head. Kara tried her best to tell Kacey a story that didn't involve monsters or killer robots and failed miserably. Every story needs a villain for the hero to rise she supposed.

Maybe this was the greatness her mother prepared her for. Socrata showed her what not to be when her time came. How not to frak up someone else's life. Maybe there was something good to come out of Kara Thrace. She was learning how to do something else. Kara smiled a little at that thought. Observing the peace in the slumbering child's face was comforting. The rhythm of her breathing soothing. The child she was slowly learning to love was cradled in her arms.


She followed the stars with her eyes, a calm settled upon her. Kara's eyes grew heavy with sleep and she allowed it to take her.

She wasn't flying CAP for another twelve hours anyway.

Tags: fronting as a scribe: fanfic, teevee: battlestar galactica

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