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Love, *sigh*...

I'm dying with all the awesomeness of all the awesomeness of all the awesome icon making-ness of TEH MOST AWEOMEST AWESOME EVAR. It's awesome. *nod* *flail* *goes to watch it for the 85,369,032,784,132,589th time* BSG is gonna kill me ain't it? I have this:

on my Zune and I'm thinking of naming it RoslinAdama cos it's pretty but strong. And I've dug out DWW for the McAwesome. Dude.

TVGuide Interview Pt. 3 AKA Mary & Eddie Answer WHY DID IT TAKE SO LONG?!?!

I haven't been this enthused since...

Also, RDMs lack of commentary on the last podcast? Testament to greatness.
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