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PREVIOUSLY ON BSG: Nefarious schemes were afoot. And the deal with the devil was made. 0_o You know what's frakked up about this alliance? ZAREK ORDERED THE CIRCLE TO DEAL OUT AIRLOCK 2.0 OF WHICH GAETA WAS VICTIM OF!!!! FRAKKED I TELL YA! FRAKKED!!! Fer reals.

Pretty fleet. *pets teh shiny beat up ships*

COFFEE TIME! I hate coffee. Makes me all shakey and buzzed in an overly buzzed way which makes ME pitch fits. Tea, please? So, a few days have passed since TEH SCENE OF AWESOME.

Ya know what makes Papadama such a good dictator? He makes good on his promises. He doesn't threaten, he gives options so you better choose the right one.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! "Good morning, Colonel." "Madam President." Oh, Tigh! ILU. MAMADAMA. SO COY! LOVE. Aw, Tigh. "You might not want me taking point on this." Big. Damn. Hero.

I luff these credits. So good.

DIE GAETA, DIE! DIE GAETA, DIE! Where have you gone? I know you're rockin' the whole pirate thing with the peg leg but seriously, MUTINY NEVER GOES GOOD! Lookit The Bounty. Lookit The Black Pearl. Never goes well.

OMG! SQUEEE!!!! This domestic scene? My. Parents. Ver. Bay. Tim. minus the cylon talk, but the Lee talk? TOTALLY. MY. PARENTS. *iz weirded out* I even showed it to The Mother and she had this really big grin on her face. OMG!WHYDOESSHENOTWATCHTHISWITHME?!?!?! She will be converted. Mark my words.

RACETRACK?!?!? YOU'RE PART OF THIS?!?!? *disappointment* *sing*Disappointment, you shouldn't have done, you couldn't have done, you wouldn't have done, the things you did then *ahem*

Aw, The Peggy Chief... what's-his-name... LAIRD! It's Laird. Like Laird Hamilton the big wave surfer.

...soooooo, most of this MUTINY is the Peggy crew and the prisoners of the... prisoner ship.

DIE ZAREK, DIE! I love that I hate Old!Apollo. He's so good.

Aw, lookit this bromance. It's so bromantic. ...has bromance replaced man!love?


Hey, Leland got a trim. The poof is kinda scary Leland. That particular coif is not flattering.

Emo!Anders! Aw. I kinda do/don't feel sorry for him tho... SEELIX!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! ALL MY GIRLS ARE MUTINEERS!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! SERIOUSLY?!?!?! S'okay tho, I still luffs them cos they're frustrated and all brokeded.


Dude, Bodie DID get buffalupagus'd. ARM!PORN!

...where's that frakker in the hallway from? I've seen him before.

Starbuck. Frakking. RULES.


Oh, Leland. You are getting PLAYED! PLAYED I TELL YA.

Erm, was that just me or was that a rough landing for a Raptor?

Oh, LEE. *pets teh woobie*

Starbuck's gonna shoot that guy in the head... YES! STARBUCK IS AN EFFING ROCK STAR!!! OMFGS! *HOOOTIN' & A HOLLERIN'* FRAK YES! FRAK. YES. Cower in fear you frak bastards. Cower. In. Fear. Harbinger of Death.

Cute little weird creepy Hera. Oh jeez, this guy again? FRAK HIM. What a frakker. And dude, somebody better be doing some serious saving of this family cos The Flying Agathons? Are one of the only things deserving a happy ending.

The Strategizing Adama!Kiddies! Dude, Harbinger of Death. This is Starbuck the hunter. For the longest time Lee & Kara were referred to as Artemis & Apollo in this house.

CYLONS UNITE! Aw, that's where that little behind the scenes thing of Tricia holding the lil girl between takes in the hallways of Galactica is from... awwwww... cuteness.

Okay see, this is where you round up everyone who DOESN'T shoot at you so you have a posse and shit. DAMN, what kinda strategy is this?

DIE GAETA, DIE! Methinks this is the reason they had to kill Dee. Cos if she knew what the frak Felix was trying to do she'd so fuck him up for frakking MUTINY against Papadama. Dee may be this quite unassuming type but she frakking bitch slapped Starbuck, okay?

This is where Papadama is way cooler cos he's NOT a dictator he does dictatory things for SURVIVAL cos it's the ONLY option for them. It's in his peoples best interest.

SAVE MAMADAMA KIDDIES!!! THAT was an excellent call back to earlier in the season of Starbuck goin' to shoot Mamadama. HOLY SHIT! FRAK MEEEE!!! Excellent continuity. EXCELLENT. I LOVE THIS SHOW. And of course, Leland and Mamadama strategise again... aw, I wanna watch the miniseries now where she calls him Captain Apollo. Awwwww.

DIE GAETA, DIE! ...dude, Papadama's SO gonna kill you.

Baltar. LOL. Ever the weaseley weasel. He's LOKI dudes. I tell ya. CHIEF!! ...or um, Mister Tyrol. Can we still call him Chief? He's like my favourite. He's so cool. He's helpin' teh prez.

Mmm, work that psychology Admiral. TAG!TEAM!BROMANCE! Dude. You ARE the weakest link! Goodbye. LOL. "I'll live." LOL. Oh, Tigh... that makes me think you're gonna die now! DON'T KILL TIGH!!! He's the BIGGEST DAMN HERO EVER. RDM is gonna Joss us, ain't he? Anyway, the Admiral/Colonel tag!team is the mirror of the Starbuck/Apollo tag!team. YAY! That's the best way I like Kara & Lee, the Starbuck/Apollo incarnation of them.

Baltar and Roslin. The two of them together is just greatness. So much greatness.

Ah, reap what you sow Felix. Reap what you sow. Mutiny = Chaos Oh stuff it Zarek. Counting your eggs before they hatch? THAT'S RIGHT! MAMADAMA WILL PWN YOUUUUUU!!! Stupid Quorum. Are they really just all sheep?

After some of the adrenaline has worn off for some reason I think Starbuck would tie her hair back for this mission... but I guess down works too just to emphasize the rushed hurried-ness of the situation.

"You wanna know why Tom Zarek has so much clout in this fleet? Because when you get pass the arrogance, he's right. We can pretend to put it behind us. Exchange lofty words about an alliance. But if this is what survival has come to..." "It's all we got. Calm down." "'s all they've left us." Well played Lee. Well played.

Chief! Mamadama! Brand new set! ...actually, it looks like the set that Chief and Cally got freezed in. Baltar makes a move. Weave those words Gaius.

Raptor 61-niner is the extraction team Gaeta. DIE GAETA, DIE!

Aw, he's still Mister Tyrol. And Papadama is grateful, on with the exposition but first The Admiral must see his woman.

....aaaaaaaaand the brains go 'splodey while the fangirls SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE with much glee and love. The music! The love. Heart breakingly GOOD. LOVE. Dudes, I seriously love them. Best. Ship. EVAR. This is like the Han Solo in Carbonite Freeze heartache times 32,897,355,014,026,767,134,095,422,348,698,709. Gods, this is gonna end with me sobbing and crying in a corner isn't it?

LULZ at everyone's "Oh" face. LOL. :o Kiddies don't know what to do when they see the parentals smoochin'. LOL.

*sing* I will go down with this ship, I won't put my hands up and surrender...

Dude, Papadama is so badass he ate Tony Montoya and his little friend for breakfast that morning with his crappy coffee.



The media player loves me... *sings* I'll live for you, I'd die for you
Do what you want me to, I'll cry for you
My tears will show, That I can't let you go

It's not over, not over, not over, not over yet
I still believe
It's not over, not over, not over, not over yet
I still believe
It's not over, not over, not over, not over yet
I still believe
It's not over, not over, not over, not over yet

Don't let me down, don't make a sound
Don't throw it all away
Remember me so tenderly
Don't let it slip away

It's not over, not over, not over, not over yet
I still believe
It's not over, not over, not over, not over yet
I still believe
It's not over, not over, not over, not over yet
I still believe
It's not over, not over, not over, not over yet

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