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BSG. Still mulling it over which means DOOM! DOOM I TELL YA!!!

BSG: So this week with the whole Gaeta/Zarek lovechild of rebellion is going to be all actiony and at this point I think is where the whole Kara and Lee kicking ass and taking names comes in. You know that scene in the promos that had Lee in his button down shirt and tie firing a gun and Kara two-fisting it John Woo style and screaming. That? Is the Kara/Lee dynamic I love. Love love love love. Beyond insane.

I've rewatched ADFMS about ten times now. Once with The Bro who practically jumped out of his seat with joy when a certain someone's hand came into frame and removed a telephone receiver out of a certain other someone's hand. It was hilarious. Oh, lil bros are so amusing sometimes. That is of course when they're not being dumb or stupid or irritating or just being a boy who needs to get his ass kicked every once in a while. *shrug* *pets him*

...and while we're on this BSG tip. Fun links and memes!

Explosions In The Sky ~ Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place except in battlestar galactica.

Oh Matty, you are such a romantic. I hearts you!
Matt + Nat's BSG Cast

Written by someone who's in the forum at skiffy in the frakkers thread, confirms the Mary McAwesome running scene in Grand Canyon and is also, funny.
Boston Sci-Fi Examiner

So frakking funny. Then again when isn't TVWOP funny?

If you love music this is FABOO. If you understand what he's saying its even MOAR FABOO!
Bear McCreary's Blog

If I were a boy:

Your International Spy Name is Professor Caruso

Your Code Name: The Pilot

You Reside in: Las Vegas

Why You're a Good Spy: You're agile

If I were a girl:

Your International Spy Name is Bambi Deathbird

Your Code Name: The Bamboo

You Reside in: Venice

Why You're a Good Spy: You're a fast driver

Tonight is LEVERAGE people! It's The Snow Job. Watch it on TNT! Or, you know wait til I upload it... whichever comes first.

...and now I go make tea and have some Tim Tams. Hells yeah! Cos, it's FRAKKING COLD. *shivers* Seriously, forties and fifties for the tropics is so not cool. WTH?!?!
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