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I've Got A Theory (spoilers if you're living in BSG oblivion)

1. Among the many gods she worships Aurora the Goddess of light, is one of them.
Check it.

2. She is neither Human nor Cylon. She is of the third race of the BSG verse. The so-called Angels that helped to create the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. The Beings of Light, much like the Ancients of the SG verse, are taking the non-interference route due to the cyclical nature of humans/cylons death and destruction. Kara could be one of the Beings that chooses to interfere, a la Count Iblis (but not as sinister) in the OG series, with good intentions yet the violence continues to perpetuate itself and everything gets frakked no matter how many times she tries to bring about peace. Hence the happening again and again and again and again. There is no dawning of a new day.

3. Which explains why Leoben freaks the hell out. She's more powerful/immortal than both humans OR cylons. Cylons can DL and continue as long as the technology allows. God(s) are immortals and can frakking pop in and out whenever they feel like it.

4. Also, the "Harbinger of Death" could be a good thing. The death of the cycle. The death of the violence. The death of ignorance. The death of killing. It could be a good thing.

5. Aurora according to Bjork:

C'mon my BSG peeps. Hack this out with me. Theorise. Disprove. Engage. Discuss.
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