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Sunny's Top Ten Women of Recent and Current TV Picspam

Honestly, if I had to do the all-time including movies, comics, literature and history then, well, the list would never end. Narrowing this down to 10 was painstakingly, painful. It took about a week to do, five hours to post and I still have the Top Ten TV Ships to picspam in the near future. Oi!

Most of these women are flawed and thrust into positions otherwise intended for one with a capacity to handle certain situations beyond their means yet somehow pull it off against all odds and are therefore, awesome.

10. Tyra Collette

"Do you mind if we make a stop at the womens low self esteem palace?"

"I had enough hate in my heart to start a fricken car."

"Jason Street got paralyzed. I realised that he was this great guy, this hero. And it happened to him and it made me realise that life isn't fair for anybody. Not just me."

"Two years ago, I was afraid of wanting anything that wanting would lead to trying and trying would lead to failure. But now I find I can't stop wanting. I want to fly somewhere in first class. I want to travel to Europe on a business trip. I want to get invited to the White House. I want to learn about the world. I want to surprise myself. I want to be important. I want to be the best person I can be. I want to find myself instead of having others to find me. I want to win and have people be happy for me. I want to lose and get over it. I want to not be afraid of the unknown. I want to grow up to be generous and good hearted the way that people have been with me. I want an interesting and surprising life. It's not that I think I'm going to get all these things. I just want the possibility of getting them. College represents possibility. The possibility that things are going to change. I can't wait."

~ * ~

09. Lorelai Gilmore

"But you're eating small bites very fast. You've gotta eat bigger bites at a normal speed."

"Pizza at John's. Um, Sunday, pick up all the stuff you need for school and then there's a
barbecue at Sookie's. Monday is mani/pedi, facial, haircut, go to the psychic and stock up for Tuesday, the day of all days Godfather I, II, and III with extra showings of the Sofia death scene over and over as long as the Mallomars hold out."

"See, now only a lady can gracefully walk around a room with a book on her head while eating Kung pow chicken. I mean a great lady can even spit the peanuts back into the container without anyone noticing."

"Now whats on the agenda for today. I hear there's a shipment of plutonium coming in on the docks. And I thought we could dress up as nuns and you could fake a stigmata and you could put the plutonium under your habit..."

~ * ~

08. Faith Lehane

"Want. Take. Have."

"I've got to be the first Slayer in history sponsored by a vampire."

"You wanna get outta here? We can't save the world in jail."

"Who said I had a plan? I don't know how many's down there, but I wanna find out. And I'll know when I land. If you don't come in after me, I might die."

Faith: "Well, when I'm fighting, it's like the whole world goes away and I only know one thing: that I'm gonna win and they're gonna lose. I like that feelin'."
Buffy: "Well, sure. Beats that dead feeling you get when they win and you lose."
Faith: "I don't let that kind of negative thinking in."

~ * ~

07. Special Agent Dana Scully

"Please explain to me the scientific nature of the whammy."

"Her name is Bambi!"

"I'm not going to ask you if you just said what I think you just said because I know it's what you just said."

"I want you to do me a favor. It's not negotiable. Either you do it or I kill you. You understand?"

~ * ~

06. Officer Aeryn Sun

"She gives me a Woody. (silence) Woody. It's a human saying. I've heard you say it often. When you don't trust someone or they make you nervous, they give you..."

"No offence, human, but what can I possibly need from you?"

"Shooting makes me feel better!"

"We're in the hands of fate now. We have to trust in that."

~ * ~

05. Lieutenant Captain Major Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace

"Bitch took my ride."

"Do the same thing we always do; fight 'em 'till we can't."

"Oh... my... gods... you bite me and I'll bite you back. So, I guess the o­nly thing flying you, is you. This must be your brain. I don't think you'll need it. It's a good thing that I brought o­ne of my own."

"I'm fighting 'cause I don't know how to do anything else."

~ * ~

04. Principal Tami Taylor

"You're an idiot."

"Well, you're gonna win. Or you're gonna lose. Either way, the sun's going to come up the next morning."

"The big deal is it's part of my job, to make sure that you don't grow up stupid. It's bad for the world."

"Don't call me lady, I hate that."

~ * ~

03. Press Secretary Chief of Staff Claudia Jean 'C.J.' Cregg

C.J.: "They beat women, Nancy. They hate women. The only reason they keep Qumari women alive is to make more Qumari men."
Nancy: "So what do you want me to do about it?"
C.J.: "How about instead of suggesting we sell the guns to them, suggesting that we shoot the guns at them. And by the way, not to change the subject, but how are we supposed to have any moral credibility when we talk about gun control and making sure that guns don't get in the hands of the wrong people? God, Nancy! What the hell are we defining as the right people?"

Mandy: "You guys are idiots, did you know that?"
C.J.: "In our own defence, we actually do know that."

C.J.: "I'm receiving the Matrix award for Women In Communications."
Toby: "For what?"
C.J.: "I discovered a comet."

"Fred and Ethel, would you follow me please?"

"Holy interruptus, Batman!"

~ * ~

02. Doctor Elizabeth Weir

"All right, just shut up and listen to me for a moment, all right?"

"I'm still trying to understand how you thought it was a good idea to test this device by having someone throw you off a balcony."

"Oh, I'm not sure anything can surprise me at this point."

"You wanna build a windmill?"

~ * ~

01. Secretary of Education President Laura Roslin

"We need to start having babies."

"I'm going to wipe the floor with you, Gaius."

"I know who you are, but Captain Apollo has a nice ring to it, don't you think?"

"Thing is, it probably is the right thing. But sometimes the right thing is a luxury. And it can have profoundly dangerous consequences."

"Thank you all for, once again, entrusting me with this higher office of civil service. Today is a new beginning for all of us. We share a unique destiny, but our future is ours to shape and our past cannot be forgotten. A new day requires new thinking, and while I had intended on using this occasion as an opportunity to announce the formation of a special prosecutor's office charged with investigating acts of collaboration with the enemy; I have decided instead that a different gesture is called for on this, the first day of my next term as your president. We all feel the need for justice, and we all feel the need for vengeance, and telling the difference between the two can be difficult at times. We are all victims of the Cylons, and none of us can be impartial. I certainly can't. So today I am forming a commission on truth and reconciliation to hear our stories and record them for posterity. There will be no prosecutions. I am issuing a general pardon for every human being in this fleet. This will not be a popular move today, but I truly believe that is the only way for us to move forward in strength in the spirit of healing and reconciliation. I thank you for your continued patience and courage. Good day."

*Honourable Mentions Including But Not Limited To: Detective Sargent Barbara Havers; Willow Rosenberg; Teyla Emmagan; Dr. Abigail Barnett; Special Agent Monica Reyes; Dr. Michaela Quinn; Delenn of Minbar; Commander Susan Ivanova; Amy Gardner; Cordelia Chase; Detective Olivia Benson; Anya Jenkins; Donnatella Moss; Nancy Botwin; Abby Wallace; DA Alexandra Cabot; Dr. Miranda Bailey. ...and the list goes on and on and on...
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