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What. The. Frak.

Ellen Tigh as the final Cylon? Uhm... Whut?

Dee? DEEEEEEEEEE?!?!?!?? DEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! *iz sad* I luff'd her. WHY RDM? WHY?!?!?!

Kara/Leoben. Why the frak was he freaking out when she found that body? Dude. WHAT DOES HE KNOOOOOOWWWWW?!?!?!?!?!? ...and now I'm kinda not liking him so much cos if he really loved Kara he would've stuck it out in that field while she went all frakky on him.

Mamadama losing her faith. *sads* The Papadama trying to comfort made me wanna sing *sings*What goes up, must come down, spinning wheel got to go 'round... *ahem* Cos they're pretty much soulmates.

Other than that... I was kinda disappointed. I mean ELLEN TIGH AS THE FINAL CYLON. REALLY?! Don't get me wrong, I KNOW she showed up out of nowhere in TMUTMD but that was kind of an obvious choice. Why not make BILLY the final Cylon? Stupid Knight Rider... *mumble grumble* Now I have to go see if I'm the only one sailing this boat.
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