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Well, now...

Work and school got canceled 'round these parts due to HIGH WINDS AND STORMY WEATHER. OMG! Seriously? I've never had an official Snow Day. YAY! Well, you know the Hawaiian version of a Snow Day. So here I am today RESYNCING my Zune cos, WTH?!? It's been all wonky and omg!sync already.

Hence the yesterday was filled with running errands with The Mother and other things, like having dinner with people and being social and somewhat socially adept. OMG!WHUT? Yeah, like living breathing people who I haven't seen in months. It was fun.

Of course, I end up hanging out with the kids cos they're easier to deal with than big people where you have to watch what you say and how your face contorts so nothing gets taken the wrong or right way omg!interpretation. Kids are simple. Kids are fun. So we played Pickup Sticks and some kind of new weird Lego thing. Jeez, all I had were GI Joes, Legos and Mega Legos. Now these kids have Connect-IT! and Android-Something-Or-Other-Wanna-Be-Lego contraptions and 58 bendable poseable appendages action figures. Jeez. There was also the playing of Space Invaders and Colony 7 and Qix and all those loverly Atari (ATARI!) games 'cept it was kinda easier cos the thing came with a joystick and not THE BALL. I saved Cheesy Puff City of Colony 7 numerous amounts of time just to amuse the kids. I also made them do the dishes cos hey, if you don't cook the dinner then you're on dish duty. The big people were grateful for that.

Private Practice: Okay, seriously, Charlotte was the best thing about that ep last night. Seriously. And OMG!HOWMUCHLONGERDOIHAVETOWAITFORDEVILSTHUNDERTOBERELEASED? Seriously, I've been waiting SINCE AUGUST!!! C'MON. I want my MUSIC. *iz impatient* Frakking HELL. It's even BETTER with VIVEK SINGING BACKUP. OMG. NAO PLZ.

In other parts... Uhm, Violet? WTH?!?! I hope they do some deep dark lingering self-loathing for her cos really? REALLY?! How can you NOT see the hypocrisy in what you're doing. Telling Pete NO RELATIONSHIP COS OMG!FEELINGS! and then you go and frak Sheldon cos he's COMFORT?!?! Really? REALLY?!?!? ...then again, Izzie doesn't have a tumour and she sleeps with dead people.... gosh, WHY do I hang around Shondaland when it's all gone to seed?!??!!? WHY!?!? *iz tortured*

MORE!BSG: Have you guys seen Catch The Frak Up? Cos if you haven't you are seriously missing out on some funny. I post it here now for those of you, like me, bereft of skiffy.

SO SAY WE ALL! *feel free to snag the banner my fellow shippers

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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