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Regarding The FRAK Post

Loading a new mood theme to photobucket was DISASTROUS. First, it wouldn't let me create a new folder for it. Then it let me create a new folder in my CoD mood folder. Do not want. Want separate folder for EACH mood theme. Went back and finally created NEW ALBUM under the moods folder I have. Attempted to move mood theme in order to NEW ALBUM. Got frakked up. Attempted to bulk load. Didn't load EVERYTHING. Had to delete. AGAIN. Then finally loaded it to the right folder in the ORDER THAT I WANT so that uploading it to LJ will take less time.

Get all the URLs in their right places to upload, then put in the dimensions in the little boxes and then accidentally hit something or the other twice AND IT UPLOADS. NOOOOOOO!!! Then I had to do like 2/3rds of it ALL OVER AGAIN!!! GAH!

...but I'm better now. Won't be uploading another mood theme for a while I suspect. Sorry Tommy & Babs, next time. ...and now I kinda don't even wanna use the Sparky mood theme cos it gave me such a headache. BAH.

Stoopid technology.
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