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Don't Panic?

The Aunty is back home. YAY! The Uncle is doting and taking care of her. MORE YAY! He's finally realising his role. Good beans. *pats The Uncle on the back* ...which prolly means that maybe not so much with the SGA marathon. *shrug* Oh, well. I have my list.

Un. (I'm learning to count in French. Bear with me whilst I practice.) Is LJ going under? Is that why everyone is being flaily and getting an IJ? In the words of one Douglas Adams, Thanks for all the fish!

Deux. One thing I've noticed about BSG. The characters have physical contact, sex and swap body fluids regularly but there's no real intimacy behind those actions. If there is, it's PAINFUL and/or awkward. There's no trust ingrained with these movements and actions. We see glimpses of it in relationships like Tyrol/Cally but that was quickly diverted with ZOMG!CHIEFS!A!CYLON! and you know, Cally being blown out the airlock. So far it's been guarded and seductive (Kara/Leoben, Gaius/Six, Dualla/Lee); desperate and clingy (Kara/Anders or Sharon/Karl); or hesitant and used as a means of inducing pain upon the recipient (Kara/Lee or well, more accurately Kara/ANYBODY, Tory/Anders, Gaius/Three etc). Prominently it's been Mom and Dad who've had the most intimates of contact in the sense of trust, admiration, comfort and love being conveyed thru those touches. Oh, ship. I heart thee.

Trois: SVU. WTF? I was BORED by the 15 minute mark. *sigh* Where have you gone show? Oh, show.

Quatre: Speaking of SVU. Why didn't Joaquin win anything for his role in Gladiator? He was fantastic. I got the superspecialultramegaplatinumgoldexclusivecollectors edition of it and wow, I kinda don't like the movie cos Russell Crowe is in it (I loved him once upon a time, it's true) and I just ignore all the parts he's in and pretend it's someone else playing Maximus *cough*GERARDBUTLER*cough*, but it's quite a fantastic movie. Connie Nielson's role was expanded and OH SO POLITICAL!!! OMG!LIZZIE! She's conflicted, yes, intelligent, hell yes, but maneuvering the political stage of ROME. She is the template for Attia of the Julii, minus the blatant slutting around. Lucilla is much more refined and wise what being the DAUGHTER of Caesar whereas Attia is but a niece. Now I want a SGA/ROME-esque AU. Damn you Sparky.

Cinq: SPARKY!!!
By ed_84
Give us your prompts.

Six: Lynley and Havers are possibly THE best partnership of partners ever.

Sept: Speaking of team work. LEVERAGE! Are you guys watching that? Cos seriously, if you aren't YOU ARE MISSING SNEAKERS EVERY WEEK!!! It's always awesome and always fun. I exposed The Familia to it last night (what with my new semi-unemployment and all) and I must say, they were quite entertained.

Huit: These are fun. Tegan and Sara MogTV interviews

Neuf: I have to go pay the phone bill.

Dix: This here is Finnestra: Adopt one today! This is Wynter Cool since Wynter Frost was taken :-\: Adopt one today!

The End.
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