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The Fabulousness of Jodhi May

Seriously. Even tho it was Alice who was engaged to Duncan and Cora who died on the cliffs with Uncas in the book, best. damn. adaptation. I remember being bored as hell reading Fenimore-Cooper and then Behold! Movie of kickassery appears. Dude. I thought I was bored cos I read the book when I was eleven but then when I was seventeen I tried it again, and it wasn't the age but the book itself. That being said, THANK YOU Michael Mann for your version of fanfic. It's kind of like fanfilm really...

You know how you have that list of baby names locked away in your mind from the age of eight? 'Jodhi' was one of mine cos HELLO! have you seen the awesomeness of her in this movie??? The writing and last scene aside, some greatness right there, she gave Alice a place to go in this movie. In the book she was very much so composed with a little bit of freaking out but that was tempered by the presence of Duncan which, in the movie, they gave to Cora and tweaked it a little with exasperation and tolerance. But the entire progression of innocence to shock to ice cold is just faboo cos she'd rather be dead in a ravine with the man who saved her life than alive without him. And yes, Alice/Uncas > Nathaniel/Cora.

Also, she & Jessica Brooks need to play sisters in something.

Things I learned this year.
1. Goals are good.
2. Have a plan.
3. Make smart choices not easy ones.
4. Right is always better than easy.
5. Follow thru. On everything.

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