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Fic: A Little Bit

Title: A Little Bit
Spoilers: If you haven't seen 2.09 & 2.10 of PP.
Rating: If you know what post-coital is without having to look it up on then you can read this.
A/N: This is unbeta'd and also written at ONE IN THE MORNING. Damn you plotbunnies. I will get you!!! *turns into Elmer Fudd*

A Little Bit

She looked towards the direction of the toilet upside down, longingly. "I have to pee."

"Go pee then," he mumbled from somewhere... under something.

"I can't move my legs," she complained. "I think you broke my legs."

"What?" Still mumbling.

"My legs, I think you broke them."

Numb as she was, the bed moving registered somewhere in her nerve endings. Or maybe it was the way her viewed horizon was skewing even more so with the bounce than her actually feeling the bed moving. Yeah, that was it. The bouncing. Bouncing made her bladder constrict which, made her think even more about peeing which, made her think more about the fact that Pete Wilder pretty much just broke her body.

How much did she hate him right now? No, hate is too strong a word. Especially for someone so educated in naming things for what they are in emotion and psychology. No, it's a kind of hate she decides. Her legs are numb for crying out loud. So it's not a hateful hate, but a good hate.

...maybe just a little.

First, he goes and helps her feel less lonely then continues to be her friend after they get over the awkward we-slept-together-and-can't-really-tell-anyone place. He's there for her, more than Coop is anyway, plus she gets the body numbing sex with Pete. It's a shallow excuse for a relationship.

Yes, it's a relationship. Having relations qualifies as having a 'relationship'. She's a trained expert. Call it what it is.

The only thing is that now she's starting to think that it's becoming more than that because now they're actually going out in public without any fear of getting caught. He brings her dinner. He sleeps over. They talk. More correctly, she talks he listens. He doesn't try to fix it or give her a solution he just... listens. She does her share of listening too. He's got a lot of issues. Woman issues. Trust issues. But he trusts her. She's a woman. She's constantly reminded of that by him in so many blissful ways.

He sleeps over. Sometimes he sleeps over without the sex.'s a little scary.

For her, that's scary. No repercussion. No expectation. It's a little bit like love. For that, she maybe could, start to freak out. Let's face it the last relationship she had ended with the guy leaving and marrying a twelve year-old. So yes, this could possibly become a relationship relationship.

He sleeps over. In her bed.

Right now he's doing something that's making her bed bounce.

"Pete," she's feeling kind of nauseated. "Will you stop moving, please? You're making me sick."

It stops and then her upside down view of the bathroom door changes drastically into a profile of Pete putting a shirt onto her torso.

"What are you doing," she asks half laughing half curious.

He looks up to her quizzical face like this is the most natural thing for him to be doing.

"Taking you to the bathroom. Seeing as how I broke your legs and all, it's the least I could do."

Who is she to argue with that logic?

Her limbs do exactly what your limbs are supposed to do when being carried, knees bent over forearm, arms draped around his bare shoulders as she stares into his profile. It's not the least bit sexy or romantic yet she's smiling and feeling all warm in those hard to reach places that have been slowly awakening since they started this.

He's carrying her to the bathroom so she can pee.

The moment hits her.

This is more than a little bit scary from here on out.
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