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Well, this sucks...

I just got notified that I'm being let go at the store. *sigh* I'm half disappointed half relieved. Disappointed cos I LOVE THIS JOB!OMG! and my co-workers are the utmost faboo and the employee discount is enough reason to work there and it's the place of zen where you can embrace your inner geek and made of so much fun. Yet also relieved cos YAY! no more stoopid customers and gosh golly wow has the economy fucked up the business there, thankyouverymuchmisterbush and I'd rather not have a job than the whole store go bankrupt and not have a little piece of the nexus of crazy AT ALL so if my unemployment there is good for them then I'm good with that. Also, YAY! I'm not working TWO JOBS and now actually have time to possibly HAVE A LIFE?!?! ZOMFG!WHUT?!?

This is the store The Old Man took me to when I was three and got my very first Optimus Prime toy. This store is an institution as old as I. Every Sunday night ritual was to peruse the darkened aisles of geek and flip thru the pages of nerd whilst engaging in conversation with some of the most colourful personalities ever created thru the primordial ooze of sub-culture. I looked up to the neon blinking sign and said to my three year old self: "Self, you will hang out here one day and possibly get paid for it. This is your dream. 'Do or do not', says Yoda."

Mission. Accomplished.

May the Force be with you Jelly's. It was fun while it lasted. May the new facet of our relationship be as exciting as it has been for our entire lives.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

Lookit! Squeaky McFly and Eothain Lake dun had a baybeh! Yay.
Adopt one today!
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