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So there were thunder storms here last night. All of the power went out. And by all I mean the ENTIRE ISLAND. It was fun. I closed the store at like 7pm (YES!HOME!EARLY!) cos really, there's nothing you can do. Can't balance. Can't purchase. We had some customers in the store when it blacked out. It's a good thing I carry mini flashlights in my bag. I had to escort them out whilst one of my employees freaked sufficiently out cos she's scared of the dark. I LOVE the dark. The Bro calls me batgirl I love the dark so much. Cooler heads prevailed. Then I took her home cos she didn't have a ride. *shrug* That's what any good manager would do, yes?

The traffic was bad but everyone pretty much stuck to the Treat Intersections As A Four-Way Stop. Then again you do have your assholes who got their license from the bubble gum machine in Wal-Mart and don't know how to drive! But whatever. So I got home and The Bro meets me in the drive way with the leftover fireworks we have from July and we popped 'em. It was fabulous. Best time to pop fireworks. Then we ate dinner by candle/flash light and played cards til about eleven.

My aunty, who lives in Kailua which, you may or may not know is where Obama is staying for his vacay, was all: OH NOES! THE TERRORIST!! RUN OBAMA RUN!!! LOL. She's funny.

Watch In Treatment. It's a great show.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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