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I'm bored...

Sailor Pluto is kind of made of awesome. *nod*

Weeds. Cos I've been marathoning in this, the TeeVee sucks holiday weeks, I have to say, s3 and 4? Not my faves. I watch cos MLP is fabulous but I don't like the story. And we have no brilliance from Tonye or Romany. *sads* It leaves me in the same place Runaways did when they killed Gert. *pout*

How much do I want to see Watchmen?!?!?

Hell. Yes.

Also, Hellboy II. What's up with Liz and the gun. Seriously. She. Is. Fire. Whatever. It's still fun to watch.

laregan's egg: Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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