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Cowboy Bebop, how are you so brilliant? Watching the Remix with all the commentaries is fun. Serious guys, if ever there was an anime to pimp it's Bebop. The story telling is so dense. The CONTINUITY. The family of not!family. The action. The CONTINUITY. The laid back style. The story telling. The greatly FLAWED characters. Have I mentioned the CONTINUITY? Serious. Watch it. I could go on, but seriously...


For the fabulousness that is Remy 'Gambit' LaBeau. Serious crush since I was like nine and now to top it off by Tim OwnsMyPanties Riggins?!?!?!? *ded*

Adopt one today!
Sultur. Named after the Icelandic giant who fought with fire.

Adopt one today!
Ione Aire. It was gonna be Ione Skye but that was taken.

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Remus. Can't believe that wasn't taken. 0_o

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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