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Oh, Joe...

I love you. Seriously. I particularly enjoy the "like, my boss" crack. SO. FUNNY. So. True. JUSTICE. It has a name. That name is Joe Flanigan. Dude. All the Sparky we see is NOT unintentional. I just love that. Joe & Torri = Magic. Serious. My OTP heart is soaring. Hee.

Dear Joe,

Does it hurt to be made of so much awesome?

*FLAIL* *SQUEE* *SPINS* *RUNS IN CIRCLES* *DIEZ* ...and what a glorious death it was.

Forever fangirly yours,

*inserts random*
If Merlin had been created seven years ago Kiera Knightly would've been Morgana. I'm just saying.

*inserts random*
Is it sad that I've been counting down til the next ep of Private Practice which, at best, is a B- kinda show where the creator/writers have been replaced by pod people just so I can see my Pete/Violet ship and all its awkward interactions with hope of less awkward interactions in the near future only to be destroyed by the end of this season with some really craptastic excuse of 'we can't work cos we work together' formulaic resolve? It is, isn't it? *is a masochist* Honestly, MARTI FRICKEN NOXON is working on this show. Why isn't Shonda listening to the greatness that is Joss Jr? Why, Shonda? WHY?!?!?! Where has Addison Kick-Ass-Confident-Know-What-I-Want Forbes Montgomery gone? In related news, I took the GA's & PP's personality test on and got Cristina and Violet. Kinda weird, no? The two people who would never really have any kind of interaction and are diametrical opposites are both very much so my faves.

*inserts random*
Weeds = Love. MLP is So. Great. ...and it sucks that Romany isn't in the fourth season. *sads* I LOVED that dynamic. Of course, MLP plays Nancy with so many facets that you pretty much see steam coming off the screen whenever another character is in near proximity of Mrs. Botwin.

*inserts random*
Why does Elvis Presley always look like the sun is shining directly in his eyes?

So yeah, all that kinda made me feel better. yay! And thank you to everyone who expressed concern and what not for that meltdown a few days back. *loves you all*

laregan's baby: Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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