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After two days of jetlag, I bring to you the first half of my trip to LA.

Monday night in LA! On the freeway:

The Walt Disney Music Something:

~ * ~ * ~

Tuesday we went a traipsin' around. On foot. Which was crazy. And made the entire lower parts of our bodies sore for the next three days. Here's some of the nifty things we spotted on the way.

Some of the local art found in various surfaces including but not exclusive to sides of buildings and sidewalks:

A burnt out house:

In a pet store which we took a respite in for a few minutes cos it was FRAKKING HOT:

The local heroes doing heroey things:

A California sunset:

And finally, Ameoba Records. This was a severe disappointment after walking the entire east end of Sunset Boulevard. I couldn't help but feel a bit snobbish and say: "My store is better.":

~ * ~ * ~

Wednesday we decided to take the bus instead and do Hollywood Blvd, which as you can tell by my lack of picture taking was decidedly not our favourite thing. The biggest highlight? We played AC/DC Rock Band in the Highland/Hollywood mall. We also went into the Church of Scientology and took a personality test. It was free. We were curious as to what all the hullabaloo is about the place. They were understaffed and the guy that was there had no idea what any of the questions meant. We were also from Australia and South Africa, which everyone we ran into totally bought. Our social experiment was interesting. Americans were nicer to us when we were foreign visitors. So we decided to stay that way til the day was over.

Then we attempted to find the Paley Center for Media but totally headed in the wrong direction and just kinda gave up and spent the rest of the night in a cafe with free wifi:

This is from across the street facing the cafe. The sun reflecting off the local Public TV station next door.

And then went shopping at Trader Joe's.

~ * ~ * ~

Thursday we were on a mission. Go to a graveyard:

The bells, that I assume, toll:

It was full of dead Russian immigrants and Jewish people. And also right next door to Paramount Studios.

We did run into Mel Blanc:

And a squirrel:

And security guards on foot patrol:

And the roads were lined with these:

Next, find the Paley Center. This proved extremely frustrating and highly irritating cos A)Aunt Flo decided to visit me that day and we couldn't find a pharmacy and/or free clinic in which to purchase feminine product; B)both browncoatkait and I were feeling under the weather, she much more than I; and C)no one in LA knows where anything is unless it pertains to their world and or immediate satisfaction! I had no problem expressing this frustration and dropping a few F-bombs when we found a 'clinic'. We did however meet the second nicest man in LA. He gave me the next best product to solve my problem free of charge. His words were: "Is present. You have. LA is nice city. Good place."

Taking the bus proved slightly more frustrating than hoofing it. First we went too far and had to walk back to catch the same bus back five blocks and then ended up too far in the other direction. So we had to walk back about six blocks to get to the Paley Center. GAH! That day, I HATED LA! Hated. But we finally got there and I watched my Buffy Reunion panel from the Paley Fest and Kait watched her Supernatural panel.

That night was the taping of the Craig Ferguson Show! I was extremely exhausted and stinkerific from all the hiking back and forth in Beverly Hills. *Note to California: Stop naming your streets, boulevards and drives the same thing. You're doing it WRONG.

...and now I'm kinda tired and will post the rest of my trip later. Yikes. *goes to lie down*

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