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Worried Dragon Mama Am I

Oh noes! Guys! Clicky Steele The Reaver a lot 'kay, cos it's in danger of dying. I'm hoping it's a boy.
Adopt one today!

Lookit! Squeaky McFly is all growed up! Squeaky McFly is also a girl.
Adopt one today!

Here's mah girls:
Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

Dude, Suncoast had this buy one get one free thingy salermabob and I finished my Buffy collection with the purchase of s5. *sing* Look at this stuff, Isn't it neat, Wouldn't you think my collections complete... *ahem* And then Arrested Develop s2 fer FREE! And also s1 of Angel with s2 FREE! I luff free.

Then I went to Hot Topic and found a crap load of vinyl on sale. Dude, 7" White Stripes fer $0.99. 12" Bright Eyes fer $2.99. 2 Against Me! LPs fer $8.99 each. And like two T-Shirts fer like $4.99 each. Plus, some of my fellow Jacob Black fans may be happy to know this. At the Twilight kiosk there was a shitake load of quotey shirts and a section of Team Edward shirts. Below the Team Edward shirts on the very last shelf nearest the floor (WTFBBQ?!?!) resided the TEAM JACOB!!!! propaganda with only THREE remaining items as opposed to the full shelf of Team Edward propaganda and LO! ONE OF THOSE SHIRTS WAS IN MY SIZE!!!! Guess what I did. Tha's rite, I squealed a lil out loud in the face of the quotey/Team Edwardian fangirls on purpose to see the spite and death glares from tweeny-boppers. Oh how I laugh in derision at the sight of immaturity. Muahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
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