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M'kay, so something's all wonky with my streaming audio. I can't HEAR ANYTHING on ANY video. Grrrr, so effing frustrating. I'd rather be blind than deaf. I WANNA WATCH LIFE!!!! FRAKKING TECHNOLOGY. Also, WTF w/Dragon Cave? I hope my bbs don't die!! *worries*

In the not so pissed off news: Mists of Avalon. M'kay, that TNT mini-series was kinda, wonky... :-\ y/n? I understand the whole cutting a lot of stuff cos the book is hella long and all twisty and complicated, but really? I remember being so OMG!THEY!MADE!IT!A!MOVIE!AND!CAROLINE!GOODALL!IS!IN!IT!EEEE! when it came out, but now? Wow, m'kay. The Americans doing British accents thing really bugged me. FAIL! Why is it that Brits can pull off the American accent better? *ponders* It does however solidify my lurve for Julianna. I don't think I've ever seen anyone else do the painful-ugly-gut-wrenching-omg-i-wanna-hug-her cry like her... well, maybe Gina McKee. But that's about it.

...hey lookit! *points to mood* it's Danny! Arthur Pendragon! Duncan Idaho! Eddie!
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