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Pick a TV show, then genderswap all the characters. Recast the actors/actresses as who you would see best fitting as the new characters. Then get flisters to comment and assign them a fandom to do the same.

peanutbutterer gave me BSG. Damn woman, why'd you make it so hard AWESOME!

Admiral Wilhelmina William 'Papadama' "Husker" Adama: Claudia Black

She's Aeryn fuckin' Sun. Command replaces the plasma in her blood.

~ * ~ * ~

President Mary McAwesome Laura 'Mamadama' Roslin: Anthony LaPaglia

Lemme hear it nah: Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!...

~ * ~ * ~

Captain Major Commander Lieutenant Major Leland 'Leemo' "Apollo" Adama: Eliza Dushku

See, I'm going with the whole Southern Hemisphere representation here. It's a theme.

~ * ~ * ~

Lieutenant Captain Major Kara Unevil Undead "Starbuck" Thrace: Jensen Ackles

Honestly, I think this is just another reincarnation of the Dean/Faith ship. Cos dude, have you EVAR? You need to. Seriously.

~ * ~ * ~

Leoben "Crazy Lil Toaster" Conoy: Ellen Page

I know I always say this but: have you seen Hard Candy? Psycho!! Plus, I think that Jensen with anyone even slightly cerebral just makes him moar sexy by osmosis.

~ * ~ * ~

Doctor Gaius Pompous Ass Yet Oh. So. Funny. Vice President President Spiritual Guru Baltar: Cate Blanchett

She needs to do more comedy and less martyr-y stuff, ya know? I'd like to see her do something that makes me love to hate her.

~ * ~ * ~

HAWTNESS! Gina Natalie Traumatised Cylon Infiltrator of Awesome Six: Hugh Jackman

Once again, just my OMG!WANT!NOW! *smushesthemtogether*

~ * ~ * ~

Lieutenant Sharon Identity Crisis"Boomer" Valeri Agathon: Nathan Fillion

Aw, can you see the heartache and confusion on poor lil Nate's woobie face? *pets*

~ * ~ * ~

Lieutenant Captain Lt. Commander Captain Karl "Helo" Agathon: Lauren Graham

Someone who's constant would be a nice change for her. Plus, she'd get to make out with Nathan and who doesn't want that?

~ * ~ * ~

Chief Labour Union Leader Chief Deckhand Galen Tyrol: Lauren Valez

She's tough. She's smushy. She's good at putting shit together. You've seen New York Undercover and Dexter right? Right?

~ * ~ * ~

This lil egg thingy is FUN!
Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

Alright, now I have to go look for some craky!fic to top this off. Laters my marshmellowey chick-a-dees peeps.
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