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S'more Music

Wow, I totally am like, OUT of it. Officially. Either the days zip on by or I'm in a coma. Oh life... Speaking of OMG! I CANNOT BELIEVE I MISSED THE AWESOME ON FRIDAY! Thank you Hulu! Dude. That was SHOW. Nice. That thing with the ipods was CLASSIC and SUCH a brat thing to do. That, Charlie, is what you get for all your Zen talk. Plus the driving his car! And the fighting over the music! FUN! So. Like. Partners. *iz love* You know they're like fricken' Lynley and Havers. Awesome awesome awesome partnering w/out all the YOU MUST SHIP THEM NAO demands by the rabid!fangirls! Pantheon of Shipping Gawds. I don't like them like that. I like them like this and you know, eventually if it does end up like THAT then fine, whatever, just do it right and do it slow.

So, here. Some new-ish? music. Dallas Greene AKA frontman of Alexison Fire, solo.

City and Colour: Sometimes

Bring Me Your Love

Lavish my lil egg with love will ya?

Adopt one today!

Also, just cos it's effing FUNNY. AS. HELL. Leisha & Kate rassling in a hotel room.

Tags: dragon cave, everything is musical, i just have a lot of feelings, ships ahoy!, teevee: life

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