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Drabble Meme Part Two

Title: Reminders
Fandom/Pairing: SGA/Sparky
Rating: For Those Capable of Understanding Heartache
Note: For speckleberry. The prompt was "Twizzlers".

“You know,” Ronon broke his carefully planned route through the city by using himself as a wall. “This whole quietly seething act is getting old.”

Most days he was a ghost of the leader he had been, the leader Elizabeth had a hand in shaping. Lately, he was walking through the corridors of Atlantis barking orders or silently brooding.

“It’s not an act,” Sheppard defended. “There are... things. Things that need to be done, so unless you’re volunteering...”


“Then get out of my way.”

John resumed his purposeful stride hoping Ronon would get the hint that he needed to be alone. No dice. He heard the light footfall of the taller man following him.

“Come to movie night,” Ronon continued as if he didn’t just get the brush off. “We’re supposed to be watching something about a Bridal Princess.”

“Princess Bride,” John corrected.

“Yeah, that’s it. It’s supposed to be funny.”

He could do without movie night. The reminder of the joy it once held seized his heart in a cold vicious grip of regret. Everyone he cared for enjoying each others company, their guards down, escaping from the crazy world they lived in. Without one of them there, it just wasn’t right. Not while she was still out there. Alone.

To his resounding silence, which Ronon took as a non-answer, he tried to sell it harder.

“Rodney called me Fezzik once. Tonight should prove if it was an insult.”

The Colonel remained silent. Ronon changed tactics.

“We’re supposed to have popcorn and Twizzlers.”

John stopped cold and turned. The look in his eyes was enough to let the Satedan know he’d gone too far.

“I’m busy,” he gritted through his teeth.

Ronon nodded and let him be. Of all the things he’d said, the movie night menu caused Sheppard to snap?

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

He had only been in her quarters once since she’d been gone. The entire city echoed with her absence yet here it was the loudest.

A package of unwrapped candy with his name on it sat on her dresser.


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