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A Few Thoughts

If John Sheppard were to play Maximus, General turned SLAVE, would Elizabeth Weir be his dead wife OR the sad-constricted-totally-creep'd-out-by-my-weird-incestuous-brother-and-therefore-must-play-smart-to-protect-my-child Lucilla? In the words of Linda Richmond of Cawfee Tawk: Discuss.

CSI. I was kinda sad that there's no Warrick now, but I'm used to disappointment from the abusive-boyfriend-franchise. And it was the first time that Sara and Grissom were in a scene that I didn't look away from the screen in unabashed disgust. It was kinda sad. However, methinkst I can live without watching the rest of it. My love is so beyond demon-dead.

Private Practice. I think Violet and Pete is my new ship. Violet and Coop is m'kay but just way too much angst. The kind of angst that I love. It's the whiny, needy, Meredith and McDreamy lets dance the never ending dance of pain and suffering and insecurity where it just gets boring and stale and GAWD! GET OVER IT ALREADY!angst. Pete and Violet would be awkward, funny, wait when did this get serious? Was I not paying attention to the development of this? ship. Serendipitous, if you will. Like oops, I think I love you kind of ship. One thing I do find so. funny. Tyne Daly played Amy's mommy on JUDGING AMY!!! And, well, Tim is Tyne's lil bro. Nehk-yehk. Hollywood is so frakking incestuous. Must. Find. Pete/Violet Tribe. *goes on hunt*
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