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Things On The List of Fuckery

1. Youtube + Adobe Flash Player and it's SOOPER D-bagness of "Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player." Fucking. Liars. I've tried EVERY possible solution and BEHOLD! Nothing. Works. That's okay, I was always a bigger fan of bootleg than "official" shit. Cos it's exactly that. S. H. I. T.

IE Customer: Well, I don't know if I want that one. Is that the album with THE MOST BESTEST SONG EVAR WITH THE BESTEST VERSION EVAR edition or is it the lame-o-I-wished-I-was-cool version?

ME: It's THE MOST BESTEST SONG EVAR WITH THE BESTEST VERSION EVAR edition and it's gonna be $15.99 but you get two bucks off so it's actually 13.99 plus tax and it comes out to 14.65.

IEC: Oh. Wow, you have a sale.

ME: Yeah. We always have this sale.

IEC: Do I get a military discount?

ME: No.

IEC: Oh, really? Other places give me a discount.

ME: Yay them. Do you want me to order it for you?

IEC: How long will it take for that to come in?

ME: Either Tuesday or Friday night when we get our shipment.


ME: Affirmative.

IEC: Can I see the cover? Cos you know you can tell the difference by the cover.

ME (on the inside): *DEATH GLARE* ME (on the outside): Yeah, sure. *turns monitor to IEC*

IEC: *scrutinizes the screen for a decade and a half*

ME: So, do you want me to order that for you?

IEC: Um... *long pause* I think I'll go see if they have it at THAT SUPER COMMERCIALISED GENERAL PUBLIC WATERING HOLE first.

ME (not on the inside): *DEATH GLARE*

AN HOUR LATER The phone rings. *ring* *ring*

ME: Jelly's Aiea how can I help you?

IEC: Um, yeah, hi. I was in the store earlier today and this girl helped me and I was looking for THE MOST BESTEST SONG EVAR WITH THE BESTEST VERSION EVAR edition and she said she could order it for me. I went to THAT SUPER COMMERCIALISED GENERAL PUBLIC WATERING HOLE and couldn't find it. They said it wasn't available and they don't have any in stock.

ME: >:-\ So you'd like to order it?

IEC: Yes.

ME (on the inside): MUTHAFUCKING CUNT!!!! ME (on the outside): Okay, I need your name and number so we can contact you when it comes in.

THREE DAYS LATER The phone rings. *ring* *ring*

ME: Jelly's Aiea how may I help you?

IEC: I wanted to know if my CD came in. I ordered it about a week ago and the girl said that it would be in today.

ME: Did anyone call you to let you know your order came in?

IEC: No.

ME: Then that means we haven't gotten it in yet.

IEC: Yeah, but the girl said...

ME: Yeah, that was me. I told you that our orders don't come in 'til Tuesday or Friday NIGHT. Right now, it's only 1pm that means it's in the AFTERNOON. We haven't gotten our shipment in yet. When it does come WE give YOU a call.

IEC: Oh. So it's not there yet?

ME: >:-\ No.

IEC: But you'll call me when it does, right?

ME: Yes. Someone will call you to let you know it came in.

IEC: Okay. Thanks. *hang up*



This scene has been brought to you by the letter 'F'. Additional promotion provided by the letter 'U'.

3. Me. Being genius and spilling 2/3rds of my cup of water all over my. keyboard. Surprisingly it still works and hasn't shorted out nor electrocuted me, so...

4. ...yeah, that's pretty much all I got right now.

1. I just watched CSI:Miami from this past Monday and I actually LIKED it. *gasp* The story line was an actual STORY! YAY! How I heart Tamara Johns for writing a comprehensive ep. *\o/*

2. Tegan and Sara banter? WIN! I wish they'd kept it on the It's Not Fun, Don't Do It DVD. But that's why we have The Con DVD I suppose. Even better? Their cover of Umbrella. And even better than better? The medley of When I Get Up AND Umbrella. Muahahahaha! Also, that new thing Tegan did with Against Me! is kinda okay. It's TOTALLY not Against Me! but I can see how they'd want to go in a different direction nowadays. They get props for the title of it tho, Borne on the FM Airwaves of the Heart:

A SIDENOTE OF GREAT CONCERN: I never hardly ever read other people's comments, unless I'm stalking somebody *cough*odakota_rose*cough*, so the fact that I actually read comments on other peoples thingy-ma-bobs is a big thing. Kinda like that second hand smoke from a joint, or a sip of your first champagne, a little step that leads to bigger things. Like becoming a Doctor Green Thumb or that guy in really fancy restaurants and cruise ships whose sole purpose for existing is to create the Champagne Fountain. I MUST CREATE THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH CHAMPAGNE. Anyway, according to some "Indie Music" (I don't really like genres as is evidenced by the store I work in. We have no genres. Everything is everything. Our only exceptions are Hip-Hop, Reggae and Hawaiian due to the high theft rate that music seems to draw. Hence, I have no idea what is considered "Indie Music") is considered pretentious.

Pretentious: def. 1: characterized by pretension: as a: making usually unjustified or excessive claims (as of value or standing) (the pretentious fraud who assumes a love of culture that is alien to him b: expressive of affected, unwarranted, or exaggerated importance, worth, or stature (pretentious language) (pretentious houses) 2: making demands on one's skill, ability, or means : ambitious

So I'm taking the b definition of this word is what they mean. Wow, so, am I pretentious cos I like a certain kind of music? Am I automatically put into a corner by the media and others who spew their opinions without taking into consideration what others think and or feel about it? Does the liking of rollicking, tongue twisting lyrics of a fast paced expression of intelligence and frustration make ME out to be a person of tension that has been pre'd? Am I considered to be a snob because of it? Why can't you just like what you like cos you like it? Since when does a certain sound that appeals to you condemn you into a specific box? Pigeonholing should be left to the bird houses cos houses need to be put in their place.

Tuesday was new music day. FORTH WITH THE PRETENSION!!!
New Releases:
Juana Molina
Jolie Holland
Rise Against
Ezra Furman & the Harpoons
XX Teens

3. Galactica Watercooler's solution to the BSG hiatus? A Star Wars rewatch. All the way thru. A Terminator rewatch up to and including SCC. Geek Deathmatch. And now? Appleseed Ex-Machina pimping. Total. Win.

4. Oh, and today is comic day!! Huzzah!
My list of books for today:
Avengers Invaders
Detective Comics RIP Paul Dini is Uh-May-Zing. So is Nyugen's art. Fabuloso.

The. End.
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