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Dani Reese and your exasperating toleration of Charlie Crews is so freaking entertaining and has so much BFF potential.

Tidwell continues to be smarmy and unlikeable, which, as contrary to reality as it may seem, makes me kinda like him. It's possible that the expectation of character growth is what contributes to the liking, yet I highly doubt that there's going to be any significant change and I'm fine with that too. It gives me someone I love to hate.

Jennifer? Gawd, move. on. Charlie. She friggin' DUMPED YOUR ASS WHILE YOU WERE IN JAIL! I don't see the Zen in this pursuit my friend.

Aw, and Ted with the getting of a job. *pets teh little pumba bear* He's so adorable.

Sidenote: All this frakking Life On Mars promo-ing is giving me shingles. *shudder* LOSE AMERICA! LOSE!
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