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1, 2, 3, 4, tell me that you love me more...

1. Pushing Daisies!!!! My love! My quirk! My LEE! My Cheno!!!!! I had a whole bunch of funny stuff to say with a six degrees of separation thing...

2. Tegan and Sara. WIN! togon_n_soru? Even MOAR WIN.

3. This could be a Daniel/Sam fic if you squint. Yes, yes I just swore at all you Jack/Sam shippers, I'm sorry. I still love you, but this is waaaaaaaaaay more TEAM!FIC!

Alliteration is AWESOME!

4. The recent Sparky Pic Spam? *flail* OMG I STILL LOVE THEM SO MUCH! And it was taken away from us. Guys!! The Part Two is just gonna make me cry! *iz emo* And my fangirl emoness can best be explained by THIS: Everything I love get back for me now...

Tags: everything is musical, flist love, ready mcreaderson: fanfic, sparky, teevee: bryan fuller verse, teevee: sga, television ate my brains

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