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Now Presenting Episodic Observations, Terminator Style.

Okay here we go...

Still the craptastic non-consequential V.O. man. LEAVE!

The endless recaps are getting less with the end.

Dancing With The Stars Interruption: Cloris Leachman is FUCKING. HILARIOUS! And for the record I'm only really watching cos laregan rang me to say that LACEY!!! LACEY! Is on this year... and dude, Cloris Leachman is WAY WORTH for the watching. She fucking KNOWS she's not sticking around so of COURSE she's going to ham it up. WIN!

Back to SCC:

Yeah, Michelle, we knew you were gonna die. Collateral damage. Cos unless you were planning on banging Sarah and/or John you are inconsequential. Buh-bye. Yet, before you leave we must give Charley some angst. So let's get on with it, eh?

Aw, lookit yet another character stroke of John's ingenuity and saviour complex. Pregnant women should NOT be without cable. We can vote him for president, right?

The Cable now presents to you Cromartie as TARZAN.

Cameron. Will you marry me? You are so cute when not scary. Just remember that we like the crazy too 'kay honey? Finding the center of your universe and predicting it's maintenance schedule and demise is fabulous.

OU! The fissure of the Connors ANVIL!

More with the code. THE CODE! Dexter has a code. John has a code. Yet two very, very different types of saviours, no? Either one works for me. Dexter, of the speaking, JENNIFER CARPENTER has that new movie Quarantine coming out... I kinda wanna watch it for the foul-mouthed Debs.

Awkward phone moment. Yeah, you know sometimes all this protecting is just a little too much protecting. LACK OF COMMUNICATION MAKES WITH THE FRUSTRATION!!! 'Cept the irony of this is that the very same kind of communication gets them in and out of trouble. Hmm.. I'm pretty sure I said that wrong and it doesn't make much sense.

Aw, lookit a Cameron and Mommy moment. Fake daughter you shall be taught the value of human life. *nod*

The adults making with the talky and strategy.

Gotta love these Terminators with their innovative techniques. Playing on human vulnerability. Win.

HOLY SHIT! What kind of computer is THAT?!?!?!? Jeez. It's like the size of filing cabinet. Oh, and look it's prolly Josh Friedman's parents playing the stunned shoppers. Hi mom & dad!!! *waves*

More angry rebel John! Listen to your sister young man. She is far more wise and strong and handy with a paint brush than you are.

BTW, who the hell is Kim Kardashian??? I see her all over the place yet have no idea what she does or who she is. Is she like Paris Hilton??? I'm supposed to know her cos her parents made a lot of money?

OU! SHIRLEY!!!! I luffs her. You know, I didn't really think she could do the whole singer-turned-actor thing but she's very not like Courtney Love.

At least Charley's wife isn't stoopid. Nice. I expect nothing less from a former DNA specialist in New York's best lab evar. And now we make with the angst and awkwardness... yeah, WAY TO GO CHARLEY!!! Ask your wife a sex question in front of the former girlfriend IN A PUBLIC PLACE. Jeez, where'd you get trained in the socially acceptable questions to ask in public arena. Obviously in some place like Terrielle cos if you were in Kaeleer the Queen would've smoked you on a Black Thread.

I love Cromartie. He's an awesome Terminator. Yet also very funny how he's trying to imitate the voice from the Not!Cromartie on Sheena! Queen of the Jungle. Michelle's attempt to reason with the Cromartie!From!Mouse!Trap!City! is a great call back to the movie: They can't be reasoned with and absolutely will not stop until YOU ARE DEAD! Oh, Kyle how your words travel across time... *sigh*

Ugh, gods more Biley... she makes me throw up a little in my mouth every time she's on screen. Do. Not. Want. Me want the ORIGINAL BLONDE GIRL FROM SCHOOL!!! And dude, where's Morris from Auto-Mech class? Did he go the way of Pete in Smallville? *sadz*

M'kay at first Derek looks like a litte wimp carrying around that hardware until you realise IT'S A GRENADE LAUNCHER. If Sarah were carrying it that may be a bit more believable. But nothing can come between Connor and her trusty ole shotgun. Sweet. Continuity!

Oh hey LOOK! The Lena and Sonya in the same scene. YAY! I luffs Sonya. She's cool beans.

YES! They're incorporating the cell phone thingy into the Terminators. Communication makes an appearance once more! I wonder if we're ever going to go inside the Terminators minds the way they did in the run for Dark Horse. They all transmit into each others 'brains' and call each other by their serial numbers... all very Borg like.

INJURY! Damn, thus beginneth the dying.

MORE SHIRLEY! w00t! Wait, huh? Dead husband? Is she the female equivalent of Vick?? Cos that would explain the dead husband thing. She killed him to get the company so she could coax Skynet into existence.

PIER! WATER! I predict a walking Terminator under water.

MORE HIJACKING! Sarah Connor could teach a class on how to hijack cars at gun point. I may have lost count with how many times she's done that. This season is gonna be the season of NO ONE EVER LISTENS TO ME for Sarah. *sigh* I feel your pain sister. Word.

MORE PIER! Way to go with the blending in John. You spaz.

CAMERON! And more of the dressage horse striding. Nice.

Back to spazzy John. End of line.

Cameron is offended by your imitation silver painted robot-man.

Spazzy John. Dude, trade jackets with the fisher dude. ... Good boy. End of line... End of line.

...aaaaand the sinking Terminator.

LOL! I don't swim. So in other words John, Cameron ain't helping you cos you're being stoopid.

You know what I really miss from this show? The Sarah V.O. Seriously. Where is it?!?!?!?

Sad Charley. Thanks to YOU John. Wow, the kid has a lot of angst, eh? No wonder he's being all snotty and I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT *TEENAGE TEMPER TANTRUM*

Preacher man V.O. Yeah. M'kay. Now I REALLY miss the Sarah V.O.


Disillusioned Charley. MAD Charley.

FAMILY NOT!DINNER! As they all say a silent prayer for the departed. *sad*

'Kay, so according to the preview my theory of Defective!Model!Cameron! is looking to be more proof than theory. YAY! *\o/*

~ * ~ * ~

Mother: An armoured truck driver would never compromise their load like that.

Me: It's the HoCaine show ma, we don't watch for the logic in Miami. We watch for The Pretty.

*next scene*

Mother: Cops would NEVER leave a prisoner unattended.

Me: It's Miami. Keep in mind The Pretty.

*another random scene*

Mother: The drop would NEVER be made in broad daylight like that. And Horatio's pretty dumb for somebody underground.

Me: 'Member? What are we watching?

Mother: The HoCaine show.

Me: And what do we watch it for?

Mother: The Pretty.

*next scene*

Mother: Why do we even watch this show?

Me: Remember?

Father: Calliegh loves Eric?

Me: Yes, that is also the correct answer but mostly?

Father: The Pretty.

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