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Premiere Week

You ever have one of those days where you've been washed, cleaned, strung out to dry, beaten like a rug, dragged thru the mud and then started all over again? I did. *sigh* So on to more distracty and not so human real-life things...

How funny is it to see Crashdown as Vader's apprentice in Force Unleashed?

1. Heroes. No more sucky individualised story lines. We. Want. TEAM! TEAM STUFF LOEB, TEAM STUFF KRING! I realise the writers strike hit you below the belt but dear fandom god grow some balls! Now Jeff I also realise that you got the run for Ultimates 3. But I think you should retire from the comic world because we don't need to be hit Over. The. Head. With stuff we already knew. Save the anvils for TeeVee, like CLAIRE IS IN LOVE WITH PETER!!!! Cos, um, we got it that Wanda & Pietro were banging each other. TWINCEST!

2. CSI: Miami. My dear abusive boyfriend, could you please to make D&D AKA Delko & Dusquesne FRICKEN CANON ALREADY! OMG!

3. L&O:SVU. Dear abusive boyfriend number two, please to make this season not full of revulsion and whiggdy whackness. Last year? Sucked. And I wanna sue you for Defamation of Character Assassination. Kthnxs!

4. CSI:NY. STEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! *sing* STEL-AH-AH!! Oh Stella! Stella I love you! Stella I love you! Stella I love you! *ahem* She falls off the side of a building. *gasp* Don't worry she'll live... I hope. My history with the abusive boyfriend franchise is not so good. I'm fine as long as they don't, you know, frak it up like the other unmentionable... and keep it going like that John Connor did it DaVinci Code Tee-Shirts I-CANT-BELIEVE-THAT-WAS-ALL-IN-ONE-EPISODE?!?!?! WTFBBQ?! Yeah. More of that would be nice... cos that season finale from May? Lose. *sing* She was all right cos the sea was so airtight she broke away, She broke away broke away, She broke awaaaaaaaayyyyy...

5. Ugly Betty. YAY! My happy campy show. Love. You're still to young to have wank. In matter of fact, wank is prolly expected. Way to go in the we can't dig a hole any bigger than this approach. Good job!

6. Grey's Anatomy. Wank-tastic extreme. I hope Shonda has been given back by the pod people. Prolly not huh? They're gonna screw up Callie aren't they? Yeah, I can tell. Please let's not take the confused adolescent experimental discovery of homosexuality. Give the girls some dignity, yes? These are highly intelligent, competitive, type-A personalities that got where they got cos they knew what they wanted and WENT FOR IT. Let's have some grown up-ness Shonda. Kthnxbai!

Also, laregan and I went to see the Lakota Sioux Indian Dance Theatre last night. It was AH-MAY-ZING.
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