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*sing* Getting to know you, getting to know all abouuuuuut youuuuur intereeeeeesssssttttt...


Comment on this post. I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.
aj picked these:

1. alan martin
The Genius/lazy-ass punk who created a story of a girl named Tank (more of that later, *points to #6*) He's such a wanker but a wanker you love for his I-don't-give-a-shit-about-what-you-think-is-cool. He's so cool. What kind of cool you ask? He doesn't even have a wiki page on WIKIPEDIA coolness. That's how cool. Cheeky little monkey! *cracks whip*

*lookit I don't even have a picture*

2. chase/gert
MY BIG BIG LOVE!!!! OMG! Chase 'n Gert are like the best thing since strawberries and chocolate. French fries and ice cream. Two of the six original Runaways. Great comic btw. Gert is this really independent, really anti-anything popular or conformist with a please-don't-waste-my-time-on-useless-drivel attitude but she's also this really compassionate, understanding person. Her diametrically-opposing-forces-are-what-makes-me personality is dinomyte! Chase is the complete opposite of her. He's the jock, the popular-is-what-makes-me guy but not really. He only does it to escape the cruelty and neglect of his parents, which on the scale of Zero to Ten is Whoa. The fact that he thinks he deserves to get hit and rationalises it at the age of 17 is just... yeah. The kid has a lot of rage yet maintains to keep a sunny disposition is ohmygodwhat?!?! So you put the two together and you have the best thing since yogurt covered pretzels. He's finally loved in his life and she's finally appreciated and accepted for who she is. *mourns*

by Jo Chen

3. daljit dahliwal
Ah, former BBC field reporter and the long time anchor of ITN news which for us in the States of 'Unity' aired on PBS. I've recently seen her do some stuff for ABC and CNN. I used to LOVE coming home from school just to watch her report on the international news. Yes, I is a freak. It helped me put into perspective the cushioned life of children in the not-a-third-world-country countries. Also, her anchoring on the world wide issues in a world wide scale made me realise how pithy life in high school is. ...with that being said, I have to finish watching 90210. Hey look! It's her picture...

4. harry/hermione
DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMED! I knew it from day one. d00med to sail the never'verse of stormy seas. It was actually the pretty of the movies that made me ship them. I came into the fandom sideways by watching Prisoner of Azkaban first and then delving into the books. Yes, I know PoA is the OMFG!YOUBUTCHEREDMYFANDOM!!SCREWYOUCUARON!!! But I luuuuurrrrrrrrrrved it. On paper she is the brain to his heart. He is the impetuous to her rationale. There is balance with these two. They make me wanna sue JK for Defamation of Character Assassination cos never before have I condoned adulterous behaviour until the Epilogue of Suck.

by venus_ice

respectively by stefynik at flickr and yethro on deviantart

5. steve mcniven

I want my pen to mate with is pencil so they can have the perfect offspring which will magically draw the world in pretty pretty pictures. Bonus!points: he's drawing the current issues of Wolverine AND he's Canadian! Win. He really does draw pretty pretty pictures. Even when there's viscera involved. His parents must be so proud.

6. tank girl
Tank Girl. The epitome of punk. The mother of crude. The raddest of dudes (and dudettes). Plus, she like, saves the world every once in a while. I just loved the non-sequitor, anarchic, see how we reference your fave obscure band, damn the man, one-shotness of the whole thing. You can jump in at any moment and it's total win. Plus there's the best supporting cast of greatness. Jet Girl, Sub Girl, Boat Girl, Booga, Camp Koala, Stevie, Mr. Precocious, Barney. Tank Girl is currently on a run with Alan Martin and Ashley Wood doing covers while the inside art is being handled by Rufus Dayglo. Visions of Booga. Check it out. But for nostalgia sake, we're going with a good ole Hewlett panel.

7. x-men
Oh, you know... once upon a time I wanted the entire team AND the Brotherhood, past and present to be painted on my walls. Yeah, now? Not so much. Rogue is my fave. Followed by Storm. Then it's a toss up between Gambit and Wolvie. Jubilation Lee. Sometimes Kitty. Mostly Kurt. Every once in a while I LUFF Colossus. Prof X, when he's not in his weird, controlly mode. But mostly? It's all about Rogue. Poor baby. *pets* But you know, not! Cos holy hell this girl is a survivor. She takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. She walks the line between lonely and loneliness.

DUDES! I HAVE THIS! ^^^^^ I bought one from Christina who coloured it. I also have one of Molly and the bottom print of the Runaways Vol 3 Hardcover. Dude. Framing. Those. Bitches. Up.
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