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Yet Another Proposal of Marriage *spoilers in comments*

HOLY! FUCKING! SHIT! !^%#@$!@$&%!@$#!@#%$!@#%$!#&!*!%!ELEVENTYHUNDRED!!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!! Sarah Connor Chronicles will you marry me?!?!? Is it possible to be so in love with a tv show that you wanna procreate with it?!?!?! HOLY HELL!!!! Just... uh... Um... *FLAILS TO THE NTH FLAILY DEGREE!!!!*

This season of Sarah Connor Chronicles is brought to you by Spot The Terminator. No exchanges, refunds, quid pro quo, provisos...

Firstly, Joshy baby, can you change the opening V.O. back to Sarah. The disembodied no person of consequence voice is jarring. "The let's introduce you to these people: SARAH, MOTHER OF THE FUTURE. CAMERON, HARBINGER OF THE FUTURE. JOHN, WARRIOR OF THE FUTURE. DEREK, EMO UNCLE OF THE WARRIOR OF THE FUTURE." Yeah, notes to network: DON'T DUMB THIS DOWN FOR US. We watch every week cos we KNOW what's going on. Yeah. Also, does this mean that we don't have any more Sarah V.O.?

Second. Just. Wow. Awesome awesome awesome. I'm more excited to see what kinds of 'emotion' Cameron develops. Like. HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! OMG! Second the b-part, Summer is a genius of movement. Totally. Did you see the whole I-AM-A-TANK-OF-INDESTRUCTIBLENESS physicality of the genius that is SUMMER?!?!?? OMG! *FANGIRLS* I shall forever be indebted to Joss for finding such a talent. *bows*

Third. Sarah Connor is just as badass as any Terminator out there. She. Does. Not. Stop.

Fourth. Shirley Manson. Is. Genius. And so FUCKING AWESOME!!! OMG!!! Robert Patrick now has someone to give him a run for his money in the T-1000dy verse. Not only does she get to be teh VILLAN! But she frakking sings the opening song. Total. Win. Man, I'm SO playing Garbage in the store tomorrow night.

Fifth. Bear McCreary. You. Are. Genius. That transition from the opening song to the Terminator droning.

Sixth. John. Poor wittle John. He's becoming a hardened man. Dude, that wig he had on was... kinda distracting. I guess if I noticed things like that a bit less it would be less horrible. On to more important things. He's so full of HOPE! Despite the fact that things try to kill him SO MUCH he still depends on them. Complicated. Complicated. Complicated. To be dependent on that which kills you. JOHN! JOHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNN!!!! *pets*

And promo dude, you get props.

Lastly, this was SO good it evoked that chase/thriller movie feel IN ONLY FOURTYTHREEMINUTES! My hats off to you Mister Friedman and Company. *tips*

...and now I'm gonna go watch it again... for the third time... cos I am a loser HEE! *flails* *spins* *fangirls*
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