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The Five Characters Meme

1. Comment on this post.
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Think of 5 fictional characters and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

luxuria_oceanus gave me 'J'.

1. Jaye Tyler from Wonderfalls - Slacker extreme. Also, one of my role models. Refuses to conform to societies expectations and norms which when translated into Engrish means "Having An Ass Made of Lazy". You know the fact that she sees animated inanimate objects is also cause for concern however it's prolly just the universe's way of motivating her to achieve her latent greatness. Stupid universe.

2. John Connor from Terminator - Saviour of the Future. Yeah, dude has a lot of angst. It's also an interesting character to get to know. In his various incarnations he's been a bratty snot nosed punk aching for his mommy's affection, an angsty twenty-something and now he's in this cusp of boy/manhood. How will he deal?!?!? His relationship with Sarah is something so complex and worth waiting to see how it pans out that I will suffer thru my impatience to see it unfold WEEK after BLOODY WEEK. OMG! I HATE WAITING however, I'm so frakking excited for tonight!!! IT'S THE PREMIERE OF SEASON TWO FOR SCC!!!!! *danceofglee* DUUUUUUUUUUDES! WATCH WATCH WATCH WATCH WATCH!!! I marathoned the first season and fook me, with the zomg!terminator!sarah!connor!fangirl! aside, that's some good teevee right there. GOOD. STORY. TELLING.

3. Jason Bourne from The Bourne Series - Talk about one fook'd dude. He's the ultimate survivor and IMO would beat the shit outta any incarnation of James Bond. He's efficient, quick, stark, is an uber guru with improvisation and totally blends in... You know in the books he's not called The Chameleon for nothin'. That's something I wish they had carried over in the movies. But you know what? I can deal with that departure from canon cos HOLY HELL MATT DAMON IS HAWT AS BOURNE!

4. Jubilation Lee from Uncanny X-Men - The Gen-X mall rat every teenage boy had wet dreams about in the 90s. Thanks Claremont! The fact that her powers range from "OU! PRETTY! Entertainment!" to "BLASTHEMUTHAFRAKKINGHELLOUTTAMANDARINSCASTLEORWEREGONNADIE!!!" borders on badassery. She's not bad ass so much as brat. However seeing as how her really rich 'rents were killed you could see how that'd be hard for an only child suddenly an orphan saddle bagged with attempting to find her way through a society not keen on Mutants. That being said she freaking saved Wolverine and went a-globe-trottin' with said hero. Pretty suave gig being Wolvy's unofficial sidekick.

5. Jayne Cobb from Firefly - He likes grenades, sex and money. Not a complicated guy. Also has this really nasty habit of going wherever the best offer does which may possibly and highly likely cause him to betray a crew. In comparison he's a really good shot and the right kind of muscle you need at your back. Plus, he's The Hero of Canton, song and all. So there's that.
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