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Fandom Hurts My Soul

I LOVE James Marsters (incaseyoudidntnotice)! I love Dragonball and its successor Dragonball Z. However THIS? Uhm, yeah no, it's giving me this Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter feel... and doesn't Piccolo look like The Master from Buffy Season One? Yeah. No.

*Note: The following comes from reading 1/3 of oparu's fabulous fic Coda and then watching just the first five minutes of Lifeline to get the Elizabeth timber in my head so I could distinguish between the Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma voices in my head. What a lovely horrible place I've now found myself in. Great, craptastic fandom to mirror my slighty MORE craptastic life. Fandom is supposed to be happiness. HAPPINESS I TELL YOU!!!! *THRASHES AROUND LIKE A MIGHTY ANGRY ENTITY* Hey major_zoidberg, wanna go destroy some stuff?

Stargate:Atlantis, why must you make me loathe thee??? Honestly. I'd like to know. Taking on a slightly original yet comfortable formula was doing great things for you. Why must you become a cheap imitation of an original? In the world of music if you're going to do a cover you approach it with a flair of originality whilst homaging the familiar. Fer instance, Cat Power covering Sea of Love is an exceptional example of that. Placebo covering Running Up That Hill. A Perfect Circle cover Ashes to Ashes. A horrible example would be that of the Jonas Brothers covering Hello, Goodbye. Britney Spears covering Satisfaction. You Stargate:Atlantis are the latter. A cheap, over produced, heavily reliable on studio fix-ups EMBARRASSMENT of Sci-Fi. You make me cry. I need a hug...
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