November 14th, 2012

Avengers adventures in space bros

the equilibrists mix

disclaimer: i don't even know what this is. in tradition with nanowrimo, i can't get my words out in regards to the equilibrists so, you have music vomit instead. there's a theme in here i'm sure. if you can figure it out let me know, yeah? let's hack it out in the comments, because Clinton Francis Barton is my favourite disney princess and he gives me ~FEEEEEEEEEEEEEELS~ which are then complimented by the Natalia Alianova Romanova ~FEEEEEEEEEEEEEELS~ that then get compounded by The Bob and The Bee ~FEEEEEEEEEEEEEELS~ which have somehow become intermingled with my OH FROM SO FOREVER LONG AGO WHY CAN'T YOU JUST MAKE THINGS RIGHT IN CANON MARVEL? WHY? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?! OMG BESTEST FIXIT FICS AND MOVIES EVAR ~FEEEEEEEEEEEEEELS~ stupid freaking Marvel and your stupid freaking MCU of beautiful gorgeous things. like, seriously, was totally not sold on Johannson as being Natasha and Renner as Clint yet BEHOLD! ugh. aaaaaaaaaaaand now i can't let go. resurrected fandoms are the worst (see: BSG & Harry Potter) i lead such a perilous fangirl life. decades of suffering and ups and downs and headbashing and chinhanding and headdesking and facepalming and ASKDFJLing **CRIES INTO CORNFLAKES AND PUKE RAINBOWS** and best of all, it gave me all of youse guyses so i have to be grateful for the most awesomest place that ever awesomed full of brilliant people. every. single. one of you. I LOVE EVERYONE IN THIS BAR! *sniff* sorry this cover is so crappy but, ALASKA. it's like, a thing now. it is vital. (cyclically related: i'm changing my 'adventures in space bros' tag to 'super sexy spy shenanigans' which, it should've been in the first place anyway but cos i'm not very good with the forethought now i have to go and re-tag sixty PLUS entries. OI! is there a mass editor anyone knows about?)


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