June 6th, 2012

Black Widow

black widow - a natalia romanov mix

as you know, i've been having feelings. feelings that were further encouraged by my digging out my comics after watching the avengers for the second time. bad call, i should not have done that cos then it spiraled into nat/clint feels and gah, that mix is coming soon. JFC, my life is nothing but ruin after ruin. but, back to the point: natalia romanova has always been one of my faves. she gives me many many feelings about agency, control, identity and sense of self. she was always written as a capable spy but there was a heavy dose of sexpot in the comics which, is par for the course (even though it shouldn't be, stupid archaic man system of things, anyway...) her portrayal in the avengers was everything i ever wanted for the black widow. she was more akin to the story of Black Widow as written by Devin Greyson. a woman, btdub, cos it fucking TOOK nearly four decades to get a great narrative on this Woman as a Person... jeez, wtf have i been doing with my life investing in all these comics all these years. we're getting there. slowly but surely. the movie just reinforced all those feels. so anyway, my feelings had music babies and christ this cover whilst simplistic in presentation put me through many hours of labour. (C WHUT I DID THAR? NARF! forgive me. i'm ridiculous.)

this puts Natalia Romanova through the paces. from her relationship to ivan to the red room to winter soldier to going rogue to recruiting clint to switching loyalties to yelena to her own person and figuring out if she's ever Natalia Romanova or somefuckingone else... OH MY FEELINGS.

blackwidowcovera blackwidowcoverb

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