July 7th, 2011

Juno smile

a heart that fits in your pocket and you can hear me at night when it's quiet

did a bit of a friends cut/modification. all comms tho. not much was catching my attention. then again my pursuits have been quite narrow of late. i could never get rid of people! I FIND IT IN PEOPLE. PEOPLE > comms. just fyi.

let's chat LJ. i feel talky! all subjects open for discussion. much lazy typing and lack of proper punctuation to follow.

things i have been thinking about include: getting an ipod, i really don't want one cos ugh, it's NOT user friendly with the way i use things so i've been putting it off for a long while now, do i get the touchy one or the classic one? also, can it hook up to a car without the antenna and/or tape adapter accessory cos ugh, do not want... idk, any suggestions welcome

leverage, why are they hitting heavy on the exposition of who the characters are in this new season? Collapse )

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