February 12th, 2011

himyim fangirl moment


Emily Blunt is a magnificent person filled with unicorns and butterflys! Oh, Geoff, SEX ROBOT! LOL.
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this post is full of amazingness by ayyur and you should all check it out because this is omg!my!stark/targaryen!family!theory!abound! plus other various pretties

Ugh. I ate pizza and I shouldn't have. I feel gross. And sick. I'm so paying for this later. I'm also playing nurse!maid unexpectedly. Yeesh, if it isn't the kitteh then it's a human.
HP lost

we carry our demons

i don't know guys. i hit a depressive state with the kids. they are so perfect it makes me ache. mah feelings. let me show you it.

hermione has always been a mystery to me. partially this is due to the fact that the potter narrative is so very limited in scope and that's fine because that scope is from my boy, whom i love oh so fucking much, so, fine. i never really saw things from the hermione side until deathly hallows (the movie, cos i could be arsed to read the book) and also, from reading supremely crafted fic establishing her pov on a great many things. things beyond the 'desperately hopeful that someone will take notice of my existence' caricature so common and rife throughout fandom. just... are they reading the same books as i am? >.> anyway. supremely crafted fic wherein hermione keeps things hidden whilst simultaneously putting herself out there and on the line because she believes. her belief may come off as brave when really, she's just as scared, if not more so than everyone else because this girl has weighed all the realities, outcomes, possibilities, what ifs and alternate choices. and she will always walk the path that makes others happy. she will fall on her sword, ever placing those she loves before self. yet, she somehow doesn't let on that through the process she is losing herself. an honourable death of sorts. does anyone notice? only but the one. so technically, this is more of a hermione mix, but somehow harry (naturally) weaseled his way into the narrative, as he is wont to do. everything is harmony and everything hurts. these. fucking. kids.

this is for fated_addiction. you, lady, are magnificent.

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