February 1st, 2011

HP say my name

Potter Re-Read


1) A book a month starting Feburary 1st (today!)

2) A weekly discussion post, every Sunday night, alternately hosted by myself and ladysophiekitty. We will post the links to the others LJ to make it easy for our respective flists.

3) General discussion will be all things Potter. WARNING: This may be very pro-H/Hr because that's who we are. Do not feel like you cannot participate because of this. We want as many people to enjoy/share this. There's a reason it's called 'discussion'. Bring your opinions and views.

4) We will probably NOT be reading books 6 & 7 (see previous). As an alternative there may be an epic fanfic read/re-read. Any suggestions are welcome.

5) Be nice or leave. There will be no flaming or bashing of characters or ship. Criticism is OK, but please use your words wisely. This fandom's history has been steeped in enough wank.