January 28th, 2011

SGA whut?


Anybody else getting weird spammy messages about random stuff by random anonymouses? Am I being hacked? WHA?

Also, I am a dirty dirty girl for shipping D/E so freaking hard. JUST GET MARRIED ALREADY. GAH. ICANTEVEN. *DIES*
FF River squee

otp otp otp otp

new fresh shiny otp is so new and shiny and otp! and Caroline: 'everyone just needs to... stop kissing me!' LOL. OH THIS GIRL. I LOVE HER. also, i think it's funny they use STARS in this! STARRRRRRRS!!! FROM MY MOST FAVE ALBUM OF POST WAR OMG KIIIIIIIIIIIDS!! THANK YOU POTTER FOR INVADING MY ENTIRE LIFE.