January 11th, 2011

pacrim mako conversation

cos i promised sam

having a convo on Sam's journal about Harry/Ginny and i recognised it'd get ranty and unpleasant so i'm putting it here cos those kinds of things should be owned. this is not really about H/G ship but more about how it was treated in canon (i also have fanon issues but that's something else entirely) and why i don't like it based on principle. i'm not trying to bash the ship or characters, this is more like airing frustration and rage over poor writing. i also really need a Women of Potter Re-Affirmation because anyone not named Hermione or Minerva got shafted. yeah, that's a sexist remark for a reason (see, ranty and bitter).

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HP Snape

affair!fic is so wrong... but so necessary

hankering for some DH/post-DH/affair(ish)!fic?
the fearful passage of their deathmarked love
by likeserendipity @ orremainunsaved

how's about a bit of silently angsty harry?
border patrol says red alert
by deadduck008 @ hygenic

or even better, a taste of circular conversational angst?
by fated_addiction

...yeah, I'm an angst whore. also, most of the rest of this is a CAPSLOCK EXPLOSION.

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