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Things I Want Answered In Sarah Connor Chronicles

1. WTF is up with Derek and Cameron? Many many many possibilities. A) She was (this is obvious IMO) the TORTURE!BEING in Dungeons & Dragons. Which would explain the pained!Derek!cry in Demon Hand:

This? Makes me wanna know WTF went down in that basement. Everybody comes out of it in this semi-catatonic state. Were they brain probed? Was Skynet trying to understand human emotion thru brain experimentation? Or was it Cameron's model going off on its own, trying to find a soul? Is she the Spike of SCC?!?! Is she wanting to be all ENSOULED?!?!? Cos dude. LAY.ERS. That would explain the abandoned state they left Derek and the others in. They got CAUGHT by Skynet. The were terminated because their curiosity was a flaw in the programme. A human error.

B) He was also yelling in Queen's Gambit that she was a liar and metal this and bitch that. Now the latter epithets I get, it's the liar part I'm curioser and curioser about. What did she lie about? Did she betray Connor in the future? Is she the one that finally kills John? Cos in one possible future he does get killed by a Terminator we just don't know which one. Is she the one that 'went bad'?

2. What REALLY is Cameron's mission? She's already in protector mode but what are her secondary objectives? Why take Vick's chip? Why leave the terminator in the bunker after stealing the Coltan? Why do that when every, EVERY piece of technology MUST be destroyed including herself? Beyond her primary objective to find and protect John what is her purpose? If it is an objective to complete a mission she listens to Sarah. Other than that she doesn't. In T2 the Terminator defied John's order to not self-destruct showing that the terminators are self-aware but also, that sometimes they learn to be more human than some humans. Is THAT Cameron's secondary objective? Is she going to turn out to be more like Data from TNG or Hugh from the WE!ARE!HUGH! ep? Does she turn like Vick and completely FOOL everyone that doesn't know her true identity? Did John plan for her to be more than a terminator? Is John exploiting 'the flaw' in her programming to seek out what it is to be human? Is that what her programming is for?

3. In Vick's Chip Cameron tells John: "We've done this before." when he's removing her chip to infiltrate the traffic network. Is she really a copy of the program that was sent back in 1997, you know the AHNOLD version? He was a T-800 with a 101 appearance, version 2.4 (which when translated into NOT!GEEK! means that the 800 number refers to the endoskeleton chassis and the 101 refers to its physical appearance). So is she higher than the triple-8 cos those dudes be big, yo! ...and Cameron so tiny. The T-1000 was a prototype so we prolly won't be seeing much of them so WTF is Cameron?

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