December 30th, 2010

HP watch me burn

don't dig up the dandelions

And now for through the years affair!fic of the angsty smutty nature where everything between aches. i had a hard time breathing after reading this... no. seriously.
Find Me When The Bells Are Tolling, Snow Is Falling
by hitlikehammers

An aside: I showed The Bro that 'spend the holidays with the one you love' promo on YT. Last night we were watching TV and it came on. This was his reaction:

His words: I totally thought that was a fanvid! IT'S REAL?! IT'S REAL LIFE?! LIKE REALLY REAL?! OMG! ...he then proceeded to get the i-dont-even-believe-this-giggles and curse JK... I don't really influence him in these matters, he comes to these conclusions on his own and he doesn't even ship actively. He was the one telling me to shut up about it... now I think he realises my ~feelings.

30 Days of Harry Potter

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