November 23rd, 2010

300 Queen

House Lannister: No Middle Ground Fanmix

*original artwork by Ted Nasmith

This is another one of those Forever Sitting On My HD (F+TM debuted Lungs that July and it's songs have since been used in EVERY FANMIX EVER). Lannister's project. A lot. To say they are 'fucked up' would be a severe understatement, completely psychotic, may be more apropos. That being said, I can't help but love their convoluted dysfunction and all the angst it generates individually and collectively. Often, I have the feeling that not only do they hide behind their pride and ego, they crumble under its legacy. This mix is partially pre-series and partially a take on their intertwined messed-up-ness during A Song of Ice and Fire. ETA: I should also mention I made this shortly after finishing A Clash of Kings and starting on A Storm of Swords so most of these theories/assumptions were completely incorrect.

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